Singles Trips, the beauty of solo travelling

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Singles Trips

People who’ve never travelled solo often describe their first solo trip as an almost religious experience. Absorbing a new environment without the prejudices, likes or preferences of a travel companion can be intoxicating. Singles Trips.

Of course, travelling alone has its dangers. It’s vital to be aware of security, besides the fact that you will have to deal with solitude.

But with a little preparation and common sense you can save your money and help overcome tricky situations.

On the other hand, there are thousands of travel offers for singles: singles cruises, single escapes, single trips, the variety is infinite.

Besides, being in Shag, you’ll be sure to meet up with someone any night, even finding a partner if that’s what you’re looking for.

Best singles holidays

It all depends on what type of person you are. Is it your first singles holiday? Are you a hardened traveller? Do you struggle to socialise with others or are you an extrovert?

Let’s assume that what you want, apart from exploring the place you’re visiting, is to date girls and guys, have casual sex or live an intense love story.

I want to make it clear that as long as it’s not a highly religious country or region, if you follow the advice from this blog you’ll be able to hook up anywhere. Ok, so now, there are places which, by virtue of their own idiosyncrasies, make things a lot easier.

1. Las Vegas h3

With the slogan “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” coined by its visitors, travellers come here en masse from all over the world to experience this shining desert city.

Known as the world’s casino, it attracts the best artists and entertainers. From the roller coasters and other attractions on the top of the Stratosphere Tower to the zip lines that fly above the pedestrians on Fremont Street, there’s no way of getting bored in this city, even if you’re on a singles trip.

Las Vegas offers world famous poker games, dinners in restaurants run by famous chefs, any types of entertainment and entertainers you can think of, motor sports, hotel pools which look like beaches and excursions to nearby destinations.

Besides, it’s the city with the largest hen and bachelor parties and young people in the US.

Singles Trips Bangkok

2. Bangkok

It became popular as a R&R destination amongst US soldiers during the Vietnam war.

Bangkok and Thailand in general exploded as the most popular destinations in Asia for travellers in recent years. More than 22 million people visit Thailand every year and for good reason: it’s an incredible escape for families, couples and solo travellers.

People come from all over Asia to shop in Bangkok due to variety and prices. Experiencing the Thai cuisine in a luxury restaurant, or even better, trying the street food where you can find everything, from traditional plates to exotic fried tarantula spiders, scorpions and grasshoppers, it’s really an adventure.

But the most attractive thing about Bangkok is it’s the most liberal capital in the world, if we’re talking about sexuality.

People here see sex as eating or breathing: a natural act, impossible to avoid. They’re very liberal in their sexual customs.

Thailand is, besides, the favourite destination for thousands and thousands of backpackers, and as you know this is the most sexually loquacious species on the planet,

But that’s not all, everyday singles cruises arrive in Thailand (in a world without a Pandemic).

So, you can find all types of people, tourists or natives, to cover your needs.

3. Cancun

Enclaved in the tropical paradise of the Maya Riviera, Cancun has long been associated with Spring vacation.

In fact, Cancun is, without doubt, considered one of the best places for singles holidays with the offers for singles cruises rising.

All types of resorts are aligned on the pristine white sandy beaches where the crystal blue waters beckon with all sorts of aquatic activities. You can spend days snorkeling and diving, hire a kayak, learn to surf or kitesurf.

When you’re not enjoying the water, learn a little about the Mayan culture by visiting the nearby ruins of Chichén Itzá and Tulum. When the sun goes down, Cancun becomes a party centre with beach bars, live music and various clubs adapted to all different age groups.

One way of experiencing the club scene is to go on a club hop which the majority of resorts offer. With these packets a tourist operator picks you up in your hotel, drives you to various clubs where the entry ticket and drinks are included, and they’ll take you safely home at the end of the night, all for a price with all included.

And, we know what happens with “all included”: people end up blind drunk. Which is the breeding ground for debauched pick-ups waiting for someone who’s going on a singles holiday with the intention of hooking up.

Singles Trips Ibiza

4. Ibiza

Ibiza is a world class party tourist destination. It even has its own electronic style “Ibiza sound”. Young and not so young people arrive on this Island from all over the world to let go and have a good time during the never-ending Ibizan nights.

Men and women from all over the world let their hair down for a few days and give themselves over to the many vices on offer – this could be the easiest place in the world to have a threesome – and virtues, to then put them away until next time when they return to their places of origin.

It’s the main European destination for singles trips.

It’s the singles trips with more possibilities for hooking up then anywhere else I can think of.

5. India

If you’re into the spiritual thing, India’s the place for you. Besides being the inventors of tantric sex – the origin of the fashionable slow sex, that’s to say, the opposite to casual sex – this could be the country with the most backpackers per square mile.

The hostel vibes in the tourist areas are really special and it’s not unusual to find an Austrian flirting with a Mexican or a Japanese flirting with a Russian.

The typical shared meals in these types of hostels are fantastic, a melting pot of cultures, of life experiences that are like a catalyzer – helped by huge quantities of beer – for love.

Advice for singles trips

More than advice for singles travel, I’m going to give you advice if you’re only travelling in search of a holiday romance.

  1. Don’t go looking for a holiday romance, it will appear on its own
  2. Be aware of danger spots
  3. Don’t make a drama of things. Most places in the world are more dangerous than your own city. Don’t go to places you wouldn’t visit in your country.
  4. If you’re looking to meet people say so. “Hey, look, I’m travelling alone and I’d like to know if you know this place, what do you recommend? It’s the best icebreaker for solo trips.
  5. To defeat shyness, you’ll need to confront it. Travelling alone is a great way to overcome it.
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Singles Trips, the beauty of solo travelling
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Singles Trips, the beauty of solo travelling
Are you going on a trip alone? Don't know where to go? Do you want to find out about destinations which will make things easier when hooking up? Singles Trips
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