How to participate in swingers sex. Rules and advice

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Swingers Sex

Would you like to have to have sex with someone else while your partner does too. Swingers sex is becoming more and more acceptable in our society, as seen by the increase in specialist clubs.

What is swingers sex?

There are liberal couples who exchange sex between them. So swingers sex could be defined as non-monogamous sexual activity by a couple which widens ones sexual horizon. It includes different activities carried out between one or more people.

How to start in the world of swingers sex?

Ok, you’re part of a liberal couple who want to experiment with their sexuality, right? The thing is that starting anything without any previous knowledge can be a headwreck. Can you do it? Of course, but you’ll save yourself problems if you have some certain basic knowledge.

Trial and error are well tested with baking, but when the experiment includes other, well that changes thing. 

These are the steps you should follow if you want to enter into the world of swingers couples.

1. Discuss it with your partner

It’s vitally important that there is good communication between you before entering this world.

When a couple decide to adopt this lifestyle they need to create a comfortable atmosphere

You musn’t hid negative feelings such as jealousy.

Besides, if you’re looking to repair broken parts of the relationship, this isn’t going to work. Even more, it’ll probably have the opposite effect, you’ll end up breaking up.

Swingers sex works with couples who want and have a healthy relationship with open communication channels

2. And about what type of swinging you want to do

There’s lots of ways to carry out a lifestyle based on swingers sex. You can go to swingers clubs, or a swingers party in a house organised on social media and even take part in a luxury cruise for swinger couples.

The options are wide and varied, but not all of them are for everyone.

Talking about it is very important

swingers couples

3. Establishing some rules

As a new lifestyle, it’s necessary to establish some rules. For example, imagine that you go with your partner on a first date to a swingers club. If one of the two of you want to leave early you should have already discussed whether the other person can stay or not.

4. Work on developing trust between you

To live this non-monogamous lifestyle, its vital to work on aspects of your personality that could be affected by it.

Generally, it’s not advisable to participate in swingers sex if one person suffers from jealousy, but if, with knowledge of this, if you’re sufficiently curious and enthusiastic to have a go, you should work on this part of your personality first.

5. Try things out on swinging sites such as Scopamici

If you’re curioius about the world of swingers sex but you’d don’t feel ready to live it for real, you can try to meet other swinging couples on the internet. Scopamici is perfect for this.

6. It’s convenient to get to know the swinger couple a little

Online dates are perfect for this, but you don’t have to discount a live date to meet, talk and have a couple of drinks.

If it flows and there’s chemistry, great. If not, simply look for another couple.

7. Find a swingers club

If you’re ready, the best thing is to look for a swingers club on the internet. You’ll definitely be in for a surprise to find there are more than you thought there were in your city.

Find out the rules of the club you’re going to  and follow them to the letter. Make sure you’re well dressed and well turned out, the first impression is vital in these sorts of places.

Advantages and disadvantages of swingers sex

Like almost everything in life, swingers sex has its pros and cons. Many swinger couples have had their relationships ……….. and the reverse.

Main advantages of swingers sex

  1. Perhaps the main benefit is that you can have sexual relations with others without being unfaithful
  2. Sex is no longer boring or routine
  3. It raises self-esteem. In the world of couple swapping it’s usually the women who’s with various men, something which makes them feel valued. For men, being with various women can also reinforce a lost ego.
  4. If done well, couples swapping improves trust in the primary relationship
  5. If you think about it, it’s a good one for overcoming unrequited love, and you can also go to a swinging club on your own, as its an acceptable solitary activity for many.
swinging spanish couples

Main disadvantages of swingers sex

  1. Principally, for obvious reasons, is insecurity. In general its difficult to separate sex and emotions and this can cause insecurities. Comparisons are often inevitable, frequency, duration, intensity, size, and this can be a source of jealousy.
  2. Certain boredom can appear with your partner. If you’re used to going to swingers clubs or group sex meetings (many swingers do this), having traditional sex at home can become boring.
  3. Sexually transmitted diseases. Evidently, the more sex you have with different people, the more likely to are to contract an STD.

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Swingers Sex
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Swingers Sex
Would you like to have to have sex with someone else while your partner does too. Swingers sex is becoming more and more acceptable in our society, as seen by the increase in specialist clubs.
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