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Watching porn in a relationship

Tips for couples

Watching porn in a relationship: some advices

It is a recurring fantasy. Many men and women imagine watching porn in a relationship as a couple, but do not dare to raise the topic. And...

best forms of contraception


What is the best form of contraception? The secret

You would never have guessed the best form of contraception. Not the pill, not the condom, not withdrawal, nor when she has her period…....

Sexual anxiety


Sexual performance anxiety? We have the solution!

Have you met a Shag user and instead of being happy you are feeling nervous about having sex on the first date? Well, it is normal to be...

Dating in Telford


Dating in Telford

When it comes to meeting girls and dating in Telford there will be plenty to keep you inspired, especially if you like nature trails,...

friendship between men and women

Tips for flirting

Are there friendships between men and women?

“Men and women can’t be friends because the sex part always gets in the way.” Friendship between men and women This quote, from...

friend with your ex

Tips for couples

How to be friends with your Ex?

If you’re asking how to be friend with your ex, you’ve probably not realized that you’re asking the wrong question. Can you be...