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compatible relationship


How to know if you are in a  compatible relationship

When you meet girls you can sometimes feel the chemistry of the first meeting right away: the two of you click. It is a sign that you may...

Bored in a relationship

Tips for couples

Bored in a relationship? This is what happens

It’s okay to feel a bit bored with life in general, with routine and with the people around us. However, if this state is...

How to get over guilt when ending a relationship

Tips for couples

Is it normal to feel guilty after a breakup?

It’s not normal to feel guilty about breaking up unless you’ve done something that really deserves that guilt. Most breakups...

meet someone new

Tips for flirting

How meet someone new: some tips and an infallible trick

Even for the most outgoing, meet someone new can be difficult.   Many people would like to have more friends but do nothing to...

Newport dating with Shag


Newport dating with Shag : find in the welsh city the perfect girl for you

With about 140,000 inhabitants, Newport is the third most populous city in Wales and, in fact, has nothing to envy Swansea or Cardiff:...

Spooning sex position


Advantages of the spooning sex position

There are 64 sexual positions in the Kama Sutra, one of the most famous books in the history of mankind. One of them is the spoon and it...