Tips for flirting

The best tips for flirting


Tips for flirting

How to flirt with your best friend

Asking out someone you don’t know can be stressful, asking your best friends out is like walking through a minefield: be very careful....

how meet new people

Tips for flirting

How to meet new people: some advice and an infallible trick

Even for the most outgoing, meeting someone new can be difficult, especially if it is in a city that is new to you. We’ll talk about...

How to build self esteem

Tips for flirting

How to improve self-esteem in a month: 10 practical exercises

When our self-esteem is low, we feel insecure and don’t trust ourselves. This often translates into an unsatisfactory social and work...

how to subtly flirt with a woman

Tips for flirting

How to subtly flirt with a woman

Do you like a girl and you don’t know how to approach her? Are you shy and don’t want to seem desperate? Don’t worry, in...

Dating multiple people

Tips for flirting

Dating several people and not die trying: all the keys

When it comes to dating multiple people, there are many thoughts and questions that can come to our minds. Why would a person be interested...

dates before relationship

Tips for flirting

How many dates before relationship: all the clues

I’m going to make it clear to you from the beginning: there is no answer to that question. At least not a numerical one. There are no...