Tips for flirting

The best tips for flirting

meet someone new

Tips for flirting

How meet someone new: some tips and an infallible trick

Even for the most outgoing, meet someone new can be difficult.   Many people would like to have more friends but do nothing to...

bad first date

Tips for flirting

Signs of a bad first date

First dates can be wonderful or a complete disaster. Other times they are neither good nor bad. But don’t be fooled, when it’s...

Flirt with Spanish women

Tips for flirting

How to flirt in Spain: the ultimate guide

If you are thinking of going on vacation to Spain this year and you want to flirt with the girls and boys from the country, this is the...

What is polyamory

Tips for flirting

What is polyamory?

First, let’s start with the definition of polyamory: polyamory consists of loving several people at the same time, in a consensual,...

what do women want

Tips for flirting

What does a woman look for in a man

Do you sometimes think you don’t understand women? If so, surely this is one of the questions that turns up in your head almost...

How to kiss well

Tips for flirting

Learn how to be a good kisser with these simple tricks

Kissing is one of those things that almost all cultures have in common, like clapping or laughing. It is an act of tenderness or lust, but...