Tips for flirting

The best tips for flirting

Dating multiple people

Tips for flirting

Dating several people and not die trying: all the keys

When it comes to dating multiple people, there are many thoughts and questions that can come to our minds. Why would a person be interested...

dates before relationship

Tips for flirting

How many dates before relationship: all the clues

I’m going to make it clear to you from the beginning: there is no answer to that question. At least not a numerical one. There are no...

how to flirt with shy girls

Tips for flirting

How to flirt with a shy girl

Getting someone we like to notice us is not always an easy task, but if we add to that that, in the case of men, the woman you are...

bad first date

Tips for flirting

Signs of a bad first date

First dates can be wonderful or a complete disaster. Other times they are neither good nor bad. But don’t be fooled, when it’s...

Flirt with Spanish women

Tips for flirting

How to flirt in Spain: the ultimate guide

If you are thinking of going on vacation to Spain this year and you want to flirt with the girls and boys from the country, this is the...

friendship between men and women

Tips for flirting

Are there friendships between men and women?

“Men and women can’t be friends because the sex part always gets in the way.” Friendship between men and women This quote, from...