How to flirt with a shy girl

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how to flirt with shy girls

Getting someone we like to notice us is not always an easy task, but if we add to that that, in the case of men, the woman you are attracted to is somewhat shy, little given to social exposure and generally reserved with her life, the situation can become quite a challenge. Learn how to flirt with shy girls.

Despite the situation, it is important to remember that behind that attitude there is also a human being, that is why we give you the keys so that you know how to flirt with a shy girl -both in person and through dating pages– without dying trying.

Anyway, before knowing how to flirt with a woman you have to know if she likes you. With shy girls it’s a bit more complicated.

Signs a shy girl likes you

We entered a somewhat slippery terrain. Really shy people have reactions that people without shyness rarely understand.

For example, a shy girl could, when faced with a compliment, get nervous and disappear. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t like that person.

When flirting with a shy girl, you have to keep in mind that shy people react just like extroverts, but more intensely.

Here are some signs that this shy girl likes you:

1. She always seems happy in your presence, although she tries hard to hide it.

2. She tries to control her facial expressions and body gestures when she is around you.

3. She looks at you in the eye frequently and blushes when you return it.

4. She finds it difficult to hold a conversation with you, but when she does, she seems to enjoy it.

5. She does small favors for you and offers to help.

6. She laughs often when you’re around, even if you’re not saying anything funny.

7. She tries to stay close to you at social events or at work.

8. She cares about what you think of her and works hard to make a good impression on you.

no is a no when flirt with shy girls

No is a no

No matter how shy a woman is: a no is a no, always. Remember it. If you feel confused because she sends you mixed signals, you only have two alternatives.

The first is to wait for her to make the first move, which could be very risky, because you could be waiting forever.

The second is to give that first step yourself, but from up front. Find the right time to tell her that you like her. Forget the jokes (much less the teasing type) and all those games that men sometimes play to woo a woman.

If you can’t help it, at least lower the intensity.

As simple as that. And yet so complicated.

As for the topic of kissing a shy girl, it’s best to ask. No matter how receptive you may find her, a really shy person can be terrified of the moment of the kiss. That’s why it’s better to let her know. That’s why it is better to say something like: “Paula (or whatever her name is) you look amazing tonight. I have a horrible desire to kiss you. May I?”

Asking this simple question will make you seem respectful, vulnerable, and confident at the same time. If she likes you, she will say yes.

How to seduce a shy girl

So, now that we know how to identify if she likes us, lets see how to seduce a shy woman.

Keep in mind the following: meeting someone new  can be very stressful for a shy girl. 

One of the biggest mistakes men make when trying to seduce a shy girl is to look away when she is looking at them.

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Our advice is the opposite, when she looks at you, do the same, but don’t spend too much time looking into her eyes.

It is very important that when you are in the presence of the shy woman you like, you maintain an open and predisposed to chat attitude. You don’t have to start every conversation, but you do have to pay attention to what she says. It is important to make a shy girl feel comfortable.

If you see that she gets very nervous with the conversation, it is best to stop.

You can start to attract her attention little by little, without being obvious. Don’t let your spirits raise too much! Shy girls don’t like men who always want to be the center of attention. Do not talk too much about yourself, that might seem like a way of wanting to get her attention but the only thing you will get is that she thinks you are a self-centered person.

Make her feel comfortable

Don’t stare at her when she’s not looking at you, that could be awkward. The best thing is that when you are close, you address her kindly, casually.

Make her feel comfortable

One of the secrets to knowing how to flirt with a shy girl is making her feel comfortable. If she notices that you are nervous, she will not forgive you. Try not to overdo it, on the contrary, relax, chat calmly and show her that it is easy for you to be in her presence.

Don’t ask her too many personal questions, that could intimidate her. If you start talking about topics related to her work or her hobbies, you will be much better off.

Remember that she is shy and therefore in some cases it may take her a little while to open up to you.

Another mistake that many men make is trying to push the situation, trying to get them together in places where they can be alone. For a shy person this can be a very stressful time.

Usually. You have to let her take the initiative.

Do not get obsessed, remember that shy women tend to be more reserved and therefore do not like to be pressured. If she feels that you are obsessed with her, the only thing you will achieve is that she will walk away from you. The best thing is that you treat her as if she were just another person, calmly and without forcing the situation.

How to seduce a shy girl: balance is everything

When you try to seduce a shy woman you have to keep a certain balance.

You can’t be too pushy, but you can’t wait for her to take the lead; you can’t try to pick her up in front of other people because that would make her nervous, but you also don’t want to be alone with her too soon because she might feel uncomfortable.

And it works like that with everything.

What we recommend you do is the following: as soon as you see her, if you see her relaxed, come over and talk to her. If she seems shy or introverted, try to bring her out of her shell little by little, but don’t be too aggressive.

Ask her about her day, what she likes to do, etc. If you see that she is relaxing and answering your questions, then you can start flirting a little, but don’t overdo it.

Give subtle compliments, ask naughty questions, and hint at your intentions. If you see that she is getting nervous or not responding to your advances, respect her and leave her alone.

Be kind and understanding. Shy girls often feel very insecure, so try to be kind and understanding. Don’t try to force her to do something she doesn’t want to do and downplay her shyness. Instead, try to reassure her and make her feel safe.

How to text a shy girl

How to text a shy girl on a dating website

There are shy people who look for equally shy people as a partner because they feel understood. They know the problem they have and they understand each other. If this is your case, if you are looking to date a shy girl because you are shy too, you should know that there are many people like that on dating pages.

It’s normal: they can meet people, but it doesn’t have to be in person. At least at the beginning.

It’s a great way to break the ice.

Other than that, seducing a shy girl through a dating site is the same as in real life.

So, when you want to text a shy girl on a dating page, keep the box below in mind:

Write a short and kind message. Don’t worry about impressing her too much. Instead, focus on making her feel comfortable and safe. Ask her about her interests and share something about yours. Don’t ask questions that are too personal or uncomfortable. And lastly, always tell her that you are open to getting to know her better.
How to flirt with shy girls
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How to flirt with shy girls
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