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date in Coventry

Going on a date in Coventry can be tricky. It is the English city that is furthest away from the sea and that gives it a special character. Do you want to know why?

Coventry was one of the most bombed cities in England due to its industrial character and this is attested to by numerous marks on its streets.  It is overwhelming to walk around its bombed-out cathedral. But it is not only from its glorious past that Coventry lives. Its present is modern and vibrant.

Where to go on a date in Coventry

Coventry’s Cathedrals

Coventry’s first cathedral was St Mary’s Priory, of which only the ruins remain. Coventry’s second cathedral, St Michael’s Cathedral, was destroyed in World War II during the massive bombing of the city of Coventry. Today a new St Michael’s church has been built and both the new building and the ruins of the old one can be visited.

A ruined cathedral may not seem very romantic for a date in Coventry, but it is.  It makes everything very dramatic.  

Coventry’s Transport Museum

Coventry became the centre of the transport industry with this particular museum. Where you can enjoy the 4D Earth Speed Record Simulator. Besides getting to know some of the vehicles that defined the most important moments of modern history and their inventors from up close.

By the way, it is in the city of Coventry where the famous black taxis of London are manufactured by the company LTI (London Taxis International).

How many couple have had sex, or almost had it, in these taxis? They are countless.

a date in Coventry gardens

Meeting up in the parks and gardens of Coventry

Parks are a classic among couples all over the world for a reason. And in England we have the best parks in the world. In Coventry you can find many in which to enjoy nature thanks to our humid climate. It had to have something good, although there are three that stand out for different reasons:

  • The War Memorial park is one of the most special in the city, as it was built to commemorate the bombings of World War II and receives 400,000 visitors a year.
  • In the Caludon Castle Park you can find the unique ruins of the Caludon Castle.
  • The Allesley Walled gardens are a beautiful example of the best moment from the 18th century Georgian period.

And what about falling in love in the bars?

How many couples have fallen in love in the heat of a well-served pint? The best way to do this is to go to one of the many taverns in Coventry

The Bloomfield Tavern: you will find the place pleasant and welcoming, both because of the efficient staff and the locals you can find here. 

The bar staff are helpful and friendly despite the fact that it is almost always full.  

Another option is to go to The Aardvark: it is very good value for money, and has good portion sizes. The food and drink offers make the bar one of the most pleasant places in Coventry to drink a pint.

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Friends with benefits in Coventry

Friends with benefits in Coventry

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Date in Coventry, all you need to know
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Date in Coventry, all you need to know
Going on a date in Coventry can be tricky. It is the English city that is furthest away from the sea and that gives it a special character
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