What is the squirt? Make your girl come as in a porn film

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female squirt

Our apologies for letting you down, but the first thing I need to tell you is that porn is fiction… and squirting has been made popular by the porn industry. So, what is a female squirt? Does it exist? Is it the same thing as female ejaculation or is it just urine?

Let’s answer these questions and some more. 

What do we understand by squirt?

Female squirt is defined as the expulsion of diluted urine through the uretra during the orgasm or the sexual intercourse.

Thus, it is not the same as female ejaculation.

Wikipedia says:

“it is suggested that “real” female ejaculation is the release of a very scanty, thick, and whitish fluid from the female prostate, while the “squirting” or “gushing” (shown frequently in pornography) is a different phenomenon: the expulsion of clear and abundant fluid, which has been shown to be a diluted fluid from the urinary bladder.

There is one thing for sure: it is not the female equivalent of the male ejaculation.

How to provoke your partner to squirt

A squirt is something that is tremendously exciting but very messy. 

The first thing you will need to do if you want to make your partner squirt is to buy a good snorkelling mask. Some plastic wrap around the room Dexter style might come in handy too.

The quantity of fluid is variable and will depend on the woman in particular, but it can be a certain amount and you will have to clean the mess when you are finished.

Only joking, don’t take this seriously, some towels on the bed will be more than enough. 

The basics to getting your partner to squirt  added to female ejaculation is exactly the same as you would do to get your partner to have an orgasm.

what is a squirt

Stimulate, stimulate, stimulate. What do you stimulate? The whole body, leaving the clitoris for last. Please do not go straight to that very sensitive organ. Get her aroused by touching other parts of her body first and get closer little by little.

When you get to the area around the vulva, massage softly around the clitoris, only caress it every now and then (at least in the first part of the game don’t touch it straight away). Increase the number of times you get to it until, at the end, you concentrate just on the clitoris.

I said fingers, but I could have said tongue. 

Next. When you feel that your partner is really relaxed and excited at the same time you can introduce your fingers in her vagina and massage her G spot which is located on the frontal and upper wall of the vaginal wall. 

Play with the G spot to see what movements cause a better response in your partner. You can massage it, tap it gently, put pressure on it, vary the rhythm of everything… 

Stimulation in this area causes such pleasure that some women find it too intense, but it is the path to female squirt.

Every woman is different, but the key at this moment is for her to have the feeling that she is going to urinate.

While you stimulate her G spot your partner should contract and let go her pelvic muscles, the same ones she uses to hold her urine when she has to. When you feel she is close to her orgasm  and you have trespassed the no return moment, tell her to push, as if she were going to urinate.

The turning point

This is the turning point and the moment in which many women contract their body to avoid wetting themselves, but it is not pure urine, it is diluted and it is said that an orgasm with squirt can feel five times more intense than an orgasm without squirt.

If she manages to let herself go, you will see how a tremendous ejaculation comes out of her urethra.

It’s the snorkel mask moment. 

make your partner squirt

But let’s set something straight, not all women are able to squirt and different women can come to it different ways. 

Some might only need clitoral stimulation, others will need penetration, others both at the same time and some may need help with sexual toys or sexual games.

There are women who say that it is a lot easier to get to squirting at the end of a session of tantric sex. 

In any of the cases, managing to get a female squirt as a couple is extremely exciting and will make you feel as if you were real sex gods. 

Health benefits of female ejaculation and squirting

We have already said that female ejaculation and female squirting are not the same thing, but their benefits are identical. 

  1. Helps oxygenate the skin. By increasing the heart rate, blood flow to all organs of the body, including the skin, increases. This is why many people look radiant after doing it. 
  2. Helps you sleep better. Having a good time having sex helps you fall asleep when you get between the sheets to sleep. Better sleep is, in fact, one of the biggest health benefits of orgasm. Here’s why: the post-sexual surge of the hormone prolactin helps you fall asleep faster, and the oxytocin and vasopressin that orgasms release make you sleep more soundly. 
  3. Increased collagen and estrogens. Since orgasms help keep the blood pressure levels low, they contribute to slowing down the aging process. They also increase your estrogen levels, increasing collagen, which is what helps keep your skin look smooth and youthful. Also, improving your sleep decreases the appearance of wrinkles and lines.

Shag, the place to practice female ejaculation

There is a place on the internet where hundreds of thousands of women and men are searching daily for like-minded people and some sex without obligation. That place is called shag.co.uk and it’s waiting for you to join for free. 

Squirting is your fantasy and you have never managed to have or provoke one? Talk to hundreds of thousands of users now and get to work!  

What can you lose?  

All you need to know about the female squirt
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All you need to know about the female squirt
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