Hooking up in Portsmouth, the great coastal city

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Hooking up in Portsmouth

This is a great coastal city, full of world class attractions, great things to do and lots of singles looking for a date. Hooking up in Portsmouth is easy thanks to this unique Island city. You can explore miles of coastland and centuries of history while meeting new people in Portsmouth. Due to the government’s stay at home order. England is currently under national lockdown.

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Pubs and Bars for hooking up in Portsmouth

The pub scene in Portsmouth is as varied as Brighton. From well-known pubs on the main street to clandestine bars, you can find something for everyone.

However, this means that finding the right bar to meet girls in Portsmouth might need a little bit of planning.

Are you looking for an authentic, old dive frequented by members of the Royal Navy, a dimly lit place with impressive views or somewhere which offers happy hour prices of brand beers?

Fortunately, there are a lot of options to meet women and some of the bars and pubs in Portsmouth are ideal.

Albert Road

Generally, the area around Albert Road has a lot of independent pubs serving local beers from local breweries. You won’t find Michelin star restaurants here. But a lot of unique and extravagant pubs with a lot of history and waiters to tell you all about it. 

Albert Road is also known as the local student area, but being more for second and third year students than first years, you’re more likely to find beer than jelly vodka. You can enjoy traditional pubs, modern bath houses and even a bar specializing in gin.

Meeting girls in Portsmouth

Old Portsmouth

For a lot of people, you don’t need to go further than Old Portsmouth. Up until a few centuries ago this area was home to the worst characters in Portsmouth, now it’s one of the most prosperous areas of the city. Something reflected in the pub scene.

The main street running through Old Portsmouth is full of luxury pubs that sell the best local food and drink. It also has the quietest nightlife in the city, which is ideal for anyone who wants to spend a night out without it being too crowded. 

If you’re looking to meet girls while trying out local beers, look for some of the local breweries, including Irving, Staggeringly and Southsea Brewing Co.

Nightclubs for meeting women in Portsmouth

Whether it’s pop, dance or alternative classics, there’s a lot of variety of nightclub offerings for hooking up in Portsmouth.

The Gunwharf Quays Area

As part of the Gunwharf Quays Area, The Astoria is a club with four different areas which include a terrace, a basement and a VIP balcony, offering a great variety of spaces and bands throughout the club.

PRYZM is a UK chain of clubs that opens from Thursday to Saturday. The music is a mixture of retro classics and modern R & B in the crowded main room and VIP cabins, with regular offers of drinks keeping the dance floor busy and moving so you can meet women until the early morning. 

Popworld is exactly as its name suggests. A friendly, retro, cheesy club, where pop reigns above all, from 90’s classics to the greats of the 70s and 80s. 

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Hooking up in Portsmouth
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Hooking up in Portsmouth
Hooking up in Portsmouth is easy thanks to miles of coastland with beautiful beaches and centuries of history, a great place to meet new people
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