Date night in Glasgow

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Glasgow, officially called the City of Glasgow, is the largest city in Scotland. It is also the third-largest in the UK after London and Birmingham. Whilst The Greater Glasgow area is the tenth most populous metropolitan region in the UK. 

It is located on the banks of the River Clyde in the Scottish Lowlands. Glaswegian is the name of the local Scottish dialect spoken here and the people of Glasgow are known by the same name; Glaswegians. 

Cultural activities

The city has many attractions offering a wide variety of cultural activities, whether it’s going a date with your partner, or to meet someone new. Options range from ballet to soccer, and there is also a great selection of museums. Many of these city’s cultural sites received awards in 1990 when Glasgow was named the European Capital of Culture.

Glasgow has a wide variety of theatres, including the King’s Theatre, the Theatre Royal and the Citizens Theatre. It is also home to many municipal museums and art galleries, the most famous being the Kelvingrove Museum. Which houses paintings by Botticelli, Rembrandt and Dali. 

Some other great ones include the Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA) and the Pollok House mansion, with works of Spanish art brought together by William Stirling-Maxwell. And the Burrell Collection, which is of private origin and has the best collection of Edgar Degas in the UK.

Most of Glasgow’s museums are publicly owned and free of charge, so going on a date to see these beautiful works of art will cost you nothing more than being interested in them.

Music festivals

Music festivals are the perfect places to widen your social circle and meet new people, and in Glasgow, they have them all year round. Some of the most popular include the Comedy Festival, the Jazz Festival, the Celtic Connections, the Glasgow Film Festival, the West End Festival, the Merchant City Festival, the Glasgay! Festival and the World Pipe Band Championships.

There is something for everyone to choose from and for all musical tastes. Glasgow not only offers music festivals for you to go to, as you can also have fun with your partner at a comedy show or at the theatre, this city has fun guaranteed.

Exploring the city

Now, whether you are meticulously planning something or simply in the heat of the moment, organising an evening out in Glasgow is an opportunity to explore the city and connect emotionally. Here we have put together everything from sub-zero ice bars to live music. Let the romance begin

The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse is a work of art by Charles Rennie Mackintosh. It is an admirable architectural masterpiece which is now part of the Centre for Design and Architecture in Scotland. Once you climb to the top, you will have unparalleled views of the city. Just going up here holding hands with your partner makes it a must-see moment to take a few postcards of as a souvenir.

Baltic Ice Bar 

Baltic Ice Bar, a really appropriate name for this ice bar, is great because of everything you can find inside. If you are a fan of James Bond movies, you will surely remember the scene in Die Another Day, when 007 enters a palace made entirely of ice. Baltic the first and only ice bar in Scotland, will make you remember that moment. 

Drinks at room temperature here are not a concern, as cocktails are served in glasses made entirely of ice. The throne of ice at the entrance is a fun touch, and if you didn’t go in the appropriate attire for the temperature of the bar, the free provision of thermal layers is more than welcome.

King Tut Wah Wah Hut

Glasgow is a pioneering city for both emerging and established musicians. On almost every corner you will find a new sound and rhythmic masterpiece. 

King Tut is the place that supported some of the biggest names in the music industry at the start of their careers. From Oasis, which was signed by Alan McGee here in 1993, to Radiohead, The Killers, Juliette Lewis, Pulp, My Chemical Romance, Florence & The Machine, Biffy Clyro, Manic Street Preachers, Snow Patrol, Scared Rabbit and Paolo Nutini, just to name a few.

The place is full of character and unwavering charm. It has an addictive atmosphere, an excellent bar and a multitude of live concerts, so it gives you the perfect setting for a date.

Le Chardon D’or

If you’re looking for a romantic French dining experience, you’re at the right place. They say no one is as romantic as the French. So take your romantic side to heart and go enjoy the splendid variety of tempting French food. Look deep into your partner’s eyes. A piece of free advice: put away your phone. 

This restaurant is elegant without being pretentious. It is intimate and serene, with isolated eating spaces adding an extra element of surprise. The Scottish touch is the element that brings it all to a climax.

Glasgow Botanic Gardens

Visiting the Glasgow Botanic Gardens does not have to be a boring experience. This little plant paradise is ideal for spontaneous walks or sunset picnics. It is open from 7am to sunset every day.

Don’t miss its dream greenhouses, especially Kibble Palace. After this, the city awaits with all types of activities until the early hours in the morning. Your date will swoon over this romantic and unexpected gesture.

The Lantern, and the scene of the lady and the tramp

La Lanterna offers everything you could wish for in a date in an Italian restaurant and even more. Beautifully decorated and with an overflowing personality, this idyllic, critically acclaimed family restaurant makes recreating that romantic movie moment with the spaghetti dish almost a must. 

Every dish on the menu is as authentic as it is delicious, and the staff’s attention makes you feel like you’re in the clouds. Which helps tremendously in making your date night run smoothly. The range of desserts and the vegetarian options they offer, make sure that even the most discerning palate will be pleased.

And if the chemistry with your date fades or doesn’t work, at least you can try some first-class food.

Date night in Glasgow
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Date night in Glasgow
The city has many attractions offering a wide variety of cultural activities, whether it's going a date with your partner, or to meet someone new
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