How to get your first date with dating sites

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How to get your first date with Shag

Meeting with special friends can be easy thanks to dating sites like Shag. The difficulty is getting a date on day one, unless you know some of the tricks.

Dating women on the first day of meeting them is like having a blind date

But first, are you sure you want to date a woman without having met her first?

Everyone lies on the internet. Whether it´s by wearing four kilos of makeup, or the conveniently soft light of the bedroom and a thousand other tricks. And I´m not talking about the half-truths nor the big lies.

So, bear it in mind before deciding to meet with someone the same day you´ve hooked up online.

It´s ok for me to have some occasional casual sex

Ok, if that’s your case, watch out. The secret is, don’t seem like you want to date for casual sex too soon.

Desperation isn´t sexy

Let’s have a look at some of those tricks.

Creating an attractive profile with your best profile pic

There are many mistakes you can make with online flirting, but the first is usually made before you´ve even started: creating a poor profile. The first mistake in a poor quality profile is a bad photo. Our advice is, worse than sexy – as you never know if you´re overdoing it – is ostentatious, it should be a well done, fun photo, in order for it to be the best profile pic on Shag.

It’s about highlighting yourself over other profiles.

If you´re capable of laughing at your defects, go ahead, do it, this shows a lot of self -assuredness and women like men who are sure of themselves.

But be careful, there are defects that aren’t funny, even if you have a great sense of humor. And it´s not necessary to show them off for a date. There´ll be time to talk about them if things go well and you go out again.

Here are three examples of a description: A dull one, a good one and a bad one

“Hi, I´m Ben and I´m a civil servant. I like going to the cinema, travelling and hanging out with friends.”

“Hi, I´m Ben and I work in Tesco´s. My life consists in going from home to work and from work to home. I like going to the countryside from time to time.”

“Hi, I´m Ben, I´m a street cleaner. I wept like a baby watching the Bridges of Madison, I want to go around the world in eighty days and meet the woman of my life, doesn´t matter how long it takes. I´m not capable of keeping my socks on.”

The first doesn’t say anything and the second looks like it’s written by a zombie taking its last breath. On the other hand, the third has something and tells us things about the person it’s written by.

In particular, that he has a sense of humour and that he is sensitive and curious although it comes across as a little messy.

get a date

Do you want to date women today? Choose the right preferences

Both yours, when you create your profile, and the preferences of the person that you’d like to hook up with. This will help differentiate between which women you will date from the first day you sign up with Shag. 

If you´re not looking to meet up with anyone in person and you´re just looking for cybersex, make it clear. If you´re looking for a threesome, make that clear. Do you want to start a relationship of friends with benefits, make it clear.

On the other hand, don´t ask anyone for a date in order to have sex without commitment on the first day of chatting with her, if she hasn´t marked the box “one-night stands” or “occasional sex”.

Don’t even think about trying that with someone who has ticked the box “stable relationship”. It won´t work out and you´re better off putting your energy into someone else that’s looking for the same things as you.

Chat to lots of women at the same time

One of the advantages of Friends with Benefits is that you can chat with as many men and women at the same time as you´re capable of.

Do you want to chat with ten women from your city at the same time? I take my hat off to you, it´ll be messy but you´re the boss, and it’s perfectly possible. 

What´s certain is that you will save time at the same time as multiplying your possibilities of meeting the right person.

In any case, have a think about it. As long as you´re not using shorthand and you´ve drunk ten litres of Red Bull, ten is a lot.

Dating three women at once is, I think, the ideal number.

It allows you to answer imaginative answers on time without seeming to miss them.

get a date on your first day

Talk to them, but above all, about them

This has two objectives

  1. To obtain useful information to get a date
  2. To allow her to see that you´re a man who knows how to listen, something which all women value, because, if truth be told, we´re not very good at it.

If she shows an inner life you have to penetrate her inner life (we´ll talk about this later). Does she play a sport? Great, you love it. If that´s not the case, ask her what she does to enjoy herself and show interest in her responses with phrases like “wow, I´d never seen it like that before.”

This will serve for everything: literature, macrame, bikes, cinema, satanic rituals, whatever.

Showing interest in the other persons passion is vital for getting a date with her.

It’s ok to lie a little, if the objective is sexual (I’ll explain myself)

I´m talking about white lies.

If there’s anything that characterizes the Shag blog is that we try to be as honest as possible. So, why would we advise you to lie in order to have sex?

Let me clarify we´re not advising you to lie in order to have sex the first day you sign up to the site, but it´s no big deal if you´re just messing around.

It´s no big deal to say you like your potential partners profession although it seems like the worst profession in the world to you, in the same way that it’s also no big deal to tell her she is gorgeous although it seems a bit overthetop.

You can say you have a good job even if you’re on the dole and you have to borrow money from a friend to pay for the dinner and the condoms.

The limit to the lies are those which can cause harm if discovered.

Let me explain myself: if you´ve managed to have an occasional one-night stand and when it’s over, the girl finds out that actually you’re broke and you´re driving your uncle’s car, the only thing that’s going to happen for sure is that you won’t be seeing her again.

She´ll think you´re an idiot, and that’s the end of it.

If you´re married and you haven´t told her she´ll think you´re both an idiot and a coward.

On the other hand, if she finds out you´ve got an STD and you’ve hidden it from her she will think you´re an idiot, a coward and a crook, so it’s more likely that she´ll go to the police. And with good reason.

get a date on your first day at Shag

At any rate, the ideal is not to have to lie at all

Do you want to know how to seduce a woman? Choose one or two women and focus on them.

I do understand that it can be overwhelming coming from crossing the desert to talking to lots of women at the same time, but if you want to find out how to make a woman fall in love, you´ve got to take control.

And you know what they say. Don’t bite off more than you can chew.

If you talk to too many women at once, your answers will overlap, you won´t pay them enough attention and it´ll take too long to answer them all.

Besides, it’s easy to make mistakes. You don’t want to tell someone who is anti the system that you admire their efforts to improve society by being anti riots.

It seems like an extreme example, but it’s happened.

To me, in particular.

The words anti system and anti riots were in the same paragraph and I was more focused on the other six simultaneous conversations, so I misunderstood.

It didn’t bother her that I had understood her as being anti riots rather than anti the system, except that I was not paying attention to her and talking with God knows how many other women.

Do you want to get a date the first day you sign up with Shag? Then get yourself a pet

No, we haven’t lost the plot. Having a pet shows you to be an empathetic person who needs to be loved.

Pets help get women, it’s a fact.

This is what pets do, they love you unconditionally. So, you are sending a very very powerful subliminal message if you send a photo of you snuggling with your pet, or a cat walks over your keyboard while chatting on skype.

get a date tonight

Having a pet doesn´t mean you´re a good person, but you will look like one.

And this is great for getting dates, quickly.

You have to trust yourself and, how can you not trust someone who has paid £750 for an operation for their 16-year-old Labrador?

And if you don´t like animals? You´re thinking, so what. They’re not going to make up a threesome with you and your Labrador. It´s enough for them to know you´re an animal lover to trust you for a night.

Do you see where I’m going with this?

Follow this advice and you will have a date the very first day you sign up with Shag.

Besides, it’s free. Why noy try it?

How to get your first date with Shag
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