Hooking up in Newcastle Upon Tyne

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Hooking up in Newcastle

Hooking up in Newcastle Upon Tyne is a big adventure. It’s a great city that never stops. A city that made history and is creating the future.

Newcastle Upon Tyne is a university city set on the shores of the River Tyne in the northeast of England. It´s twin city, Gateshead, was an important naval manufacturing and construction centre during the Industrial Revolution.

Currently, it’s a centre for business, arts and science. Crossing the Tyne, Gateshead’s modern Millennium Bridge, famous for its unique tipping opening, is a symbol of both cities.

Nightlife for hooking up in Newcastle Upon Tyne

The website, the “Rough Guide to Britain” placed Newcastle Upon Tyne’s nightlife as number one in Britain. In the Tripadvisor Travelers Choice Destination Awards for nightlife destinations, Newcastle came third in Europe (after London and Berlin) and seventh in the world.

Newcastle Upon Tyne´s nightlife is ideal for meeting women for a one-night stand or for finding a partner. If that’s what you’re looking for.

There are lots of bars, pubs and clubs around the Bigg Market and the Quayside area in central Newcastle. Other popular nightlife areas and places good for meeting new people include Collingwood Street. Commonly known as the Diamond Strip due to its concentration of upmarket bars.

Neville Street, the area around Newcastle´s main train station, Osborne Road in Jesmond and the Ouseburn area. “The Gate”, an interior complex filled with bars, clubs, restaurants and a multi-cinema complex with 12 screens, inaugurated a few years ago.

Newcastle´s gay scene, “The Pink Triangle”, is centered in the Times Square area near the Centre for Life and has a variety of LGBT clubs and bars.

Romantic ideas if you want to hook up in Newcastle during lockdown

It’s possible that you´ve forgotten what it’s like to have a date in Newcastle Upon Tyne. To go to a bar or have a romantic dinner in a bustling restaurant. It feels like a long time since you could hug your friends or have a shameless flirt with the person standing beside you at a concert. But not all is lost.

You can have a date in Newcastle Upon Tyne with your partner in a restaurant at home, or by showing a little love to new people.

meet women in Newcastle upon Tyne

Takeaway dinner for two

So, if you decide to put on your joggers and slippers, a takeaway meal for two from one of the best restaurants in Newcastle is sure to add up to something special for a night of passion you´re preparing for. Choose between gourmet meals from Dobson & Parnell at home or Six at BALTIC.

South Causey Inn is doing everything it can with its exclusive celebration hampers. Takeaway meals with three courses, wine and a pre-prepared cocktail. And the best gift for a posh meal at home: serviettes, candles and toothpicks.

All that’s left to do is to prepare the atmosphere, romantic music in the background. It might not be a meal in a restaurant, but at least you won’t have to wash up afterwards.

Accelerating the heart rate

It might not have initially occurred to people wracking their brains on how to plan a romantic date in Newcastle. But trust the challenge by going out running. It’s an activity that accelerates the heart rate, whether you´re in love or you want to forget your ex. Put on your running shoes and start running. 

Enjoy a film with the Jam Jar Cinema at home

Dating ideas in Newcastle Upon Tyne. Heat up the popcorn in the microwave and make yourselves comfortable to watch a film from the Jam Jar Cinema. The local and independent cinema has a range of films available to rent online. Choose between La La Land if you need a little “romantic realism”, or why not go back in time with the Princess Bride if you´re ready for a classic romantic fantasy.

It’s a fantastic way to spread a little love while you support a local cultural business.

Hooking up online in Newcastle Upon Tyne

If you want to hook up with women during the lockdown, the best platform for this is Shag.co.uk. It’s easy to use and you will find women who are looking for the same as you: to hook up without complications. 

Below are a few tips to help you in finding dates on Shag.co.uk

hooking up in Newcastle upon Tyne

Be prepared to share

The first step in creating a connection with someone you´ve met online at Shag.co.uk is preparing for an opening conversation topic.

We suggest you take your time searching for clues in the profile of the woman you like, topics which she will enjoy sharing or talking about. With this in mind, you can start the conversation with something that will attract her interest. 

Ask her a question or make a comment about what attracted you to her profile. Do you have similar hobbies, lifestyles or goals?  Remember to keep it light, no-one likes being interrogated.

For an initial flirty message, the best advice is: Be brief and confident, always positive and flattering. Choose something from her profile and comment on it.

Try something like “Hey, I noticed that you love animals. Me too. Do you have a pet?

A little history on hooking up in Newcastle upon Tyne

Newcastle was founded around 2000 years ago by a brave Roman called Pons Aelius at the end of Hadrian’s Wall, whose ruins still exist in Segedunum, a few steps from the Wallsend metro station.

The city became an important port and was at the centre of the Industrial Revolution during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. As heavy industry started to die out, Newcastle´s fortunes collapsed. 

The city has reinvented itself as a cultural centre and City of Sciences, and its possibly one of the most fashionable places in the UK. It’s also home to some of the most beautiful Georgian architecture to be found in Europe, and a magazine calls Gray Street possibly “one of the most beautiful streets in the world”.

Become a good listener, or reader

A study by Harvard University discovered that the reward centres of the brain (those that induce feelings of pleasure) are more active when we talk about ourselves. 

So, it’s understandable that after sending your impressive first message on Shag.co.uk, you may have the temptation to spend most of the time talking about yourself.

You want the recipient to know how great you are, right? So, they´ll feel more attracted to you? Wrong. When you want to flirt online, consider this idea a big No.

Instead, keep asking questions that motivate them to talk about themselves, creating a natural flow of conversation between the two of you. In this way, you will have a really enjoyable experience on Shag.co.uk and they will remember feeling positive after chatting to you.

Hooking up in Newcastle upon Tyne, creating the future
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Hooking up in Newcastle upon Tyne, creating the future
Hooking up in Newcastle is a big adventure. It’s a great city that never stops. A city that made history and is creating the future.
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