Hooking up in Northampton, medieval and romantic atmosphere

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Hooking up in Northampton

Hooking up in Northampton can be a great adventure. The city´s surrounded by hills, large areas of smallholdings, medieval villages and castles. It’s the ideal atmosphere to fall in love with the most beautiful English woman.

Out of all the ways to hook up with a woman, online dating is one of the most challenging. Messages can be misinterpreted, humour gets lost in translation and the whole thing can be a disaster.

However, with Shag, you have the tools and our handy tips to help you hook up with a woman online and end up with having a great laugh online or making dates with one or more women.

Being confident is one of the best ways to get a woman’s attention, and to know that what you´re doing is one more step towards your goal.

At Shag you will find people looking for the same things as you. Men and women who want to find a partner, a one-night stand, fun making new friends for the weekend or even start a serious relationship. Starting a new life is up to you.

The best way to hook up online in Northampton

Sometimes it’s good to take the lead and know what to do and how to act in all situations. Find some tricks to help you hook up on Shag and not die in the attempt.

Date in Northampton

One of the most effective tricks for hooking up online is to have a good photo

In a world where it’s all about appearances, it goes without saying that you need to have a good photo. It’s the first thing we look at when it comes to hooking up, the physical appearance of the other person. This is something that doesn’t change online, although in a slightly different way.

The first thing that hooks our attention in someone’s profile is their photo. And it’s the same for both sexes. It’s pretty easy to hook up online for both men and women. However, that’s not the case when we are out in a club or a bar. 

The thing is, when we meet online, we don´t fear being rejected by the other person as much as we do in person, which occurs more often when we’re not in front of the screen.

Choosing your best photo is crucial at the hour of meeting someone online. Don´t make the mistake of not including a good photo in your profile, this could be fatal when it comes to meeting new people in Northampton. Having a good photo will increase your chances of receiving requests to hook up by 90%.

But once you’ve hooked up with a woman in Northampton via the best dating site, Shag.co.uk, I’m sure you´ll be asking where to take this beautiful woman for a first date. Don´t worry, at Shag we´ve got it all covered. Keep reading. 

Where to go on a date in Northampton

The theatre complex Royal and Derngate, on Guildhall Road in the cultural area of the city centre is one of the main arts and entertainment centres in Northampton.

The Deco, on Abington Square in the city centre, is a theatre and conference centre with capacity for 900 people, it shares it´s Art Deco building with the Northampton Jesus Centre.

The Deco used to be a cinema in the 1960s. The Beatles played there twice in 1963. Firstly, as unknowns supporting the Tommy Roe/Chris Montez tour and later on on their own tour in their own right.

For a more conventional date in Northampton you could also go to the mainstream cinemas, Vue in Sol Central in the city centre and Cineworld in Sixfields. 

Meet new people in Northampton

Pubs and bars for hooking up in Northampton

The popular pubs, bars and clubs in the city centre where you can meet new people in Northampton include; The Auctioneers, Aura, Balloon Bar, Baroque, Borjia, The Boston, The Cordwainer, Elysium, The Fox and Quill, King Billy, The Market Tavern, The Mailcoach, NBs, The Old Bank, Retro Bar, Revolution, Sazerac and The Wolf.

There are also various bars, restaurants and cafes all along Wellington Road on route to the city centre of Northampton.

Northampton also has lots of pool and snooker clubs, including Rileys Pool, Snooker and Poker Club. There are also casinos such as Aspers Casino, Gala Casino and Beacon Bingo.

Hooking up in Northampton at night

As the self-proclaimed beer capital of England, many of the local pubs serve locally produced drinks, so spending a night trying these native delicacies is essential on a date night in Northampton.

And the best place to try local beer is Beer Guerilla. A cosy atmosphere with friendly people. If you haven’t been there and you like a good beer, do yourself a favour and visit this small but great bar.

Shag the best dating site in the UK

Now all that’s left is to visit Shag.co.uk and try out the tricks we´ve shown you.At Shag you can meet people straight away. What are you waiting for? Signing up is completely free. You`ll find thousands of women looking for the same as you. You could meet your future girlfriend online, simply by organizing a get together one night, or various, the decisions yours. Shag is here to help, see for yourself how simple it is to hook up online.

Hooking up in Northampton
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Hooking up in Northampton
Hooking up in Northampton, offers the ideal atmosphere with a city surrounded by hills, large areas of smallholdings, medieval villages and castles.
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