Hooking up in Dudley

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Hooking up in Dudley

Hooking up in Dudley or falling in love as if you were hanging off the Titanic anchor. Dudley is the home of industry and a lot more.

Dudley is located in the West Midlands in England, before achieving self-rule, it formed part of Worcestershire, bordered by Staffordshire. This meant that it belonged to the Diocese of Worcestershire, meaning it wasn´t completely disconnected to the area.

The most important thing to know, is that it has the biggest population of an area known as the Black Country.

But now we come across is another curious tidbit, this city has very different opinions about its census: The National Statistics Office says that the sub region has a population of 195,000 people, while according to the voting numbers in the last elections, totaling its three electoral wards (Castle Priory, St James’s and St Thomas´) it hardly reaches 40,000 inhabitants.

To know how to find a date in Dudley you should find the main places of interest to be able to plan an unforgettable date.

To put it into context, millions of nails and the Titanic’s gigantic anchor were made here.

It might help you to know that nowadays there´s no pea soup fog, but it’s not difficult to stumble upon it´s captivating history.

Your first stop must be the Black Country Living Museum. It shows the heavy industry from the region and the old ways of life. And the old canals cross the urban landscape in Dudley.

In the Dudley, Canal and Tunnel Trust you can take an electric boat through the dark heart of Dudley’s´ tunnels.

To hook up in Dudley you must know where to go to eat

The gastronomic scene in Dudley is, perhaps surprisingly, diverse. From delicious Indian/British crossover restaurants to tasty Thai food, a pie restaurant that serves pies on shovels and a tea shop with an Alice and Wonderland theme.

You have a lot of options of places to dine when going on a date in Dudley.

meeting women in Dudley


The city is filled with excellent pubs. The Old Glasshouse on Priory Street, just opposite the town hall, is a great gastropub for a first date in Dudley, with a modern setting. The menu consists of great British classics with a few cameos from other cuisines such as France, Italy and the United States. 

Another excellent pub to go on a first date in Dudley is Mad O´Rourke´s Pie Factory. One would be mad not to try the food here on a night out in Dudley. Try its Brexit pie or dare yourself to try Desperate Dan´s Cow Pie. You will get a complete meal inside a pie and a certificate if you eat it all. A great memory for first date, don ‘t you think?

For a more extravagant date in Dudley you could go for some Thai food. Search out the Thai restaurant Ann´s in the Bull Heads pub on Bilston Street. The menu has some classic Thai dishes such as massaman curry, pad thai and pad gra pow.

If the word rotisserie provokes such a strong reaction that you totally forget about your ex. And if you dream of roasted meat and veggies, take yourself off to the Koyla Kitchen, only a few miles from the city centre. “Koyla” means carbon in India, which captures the essence of the restaurant.

If a pinch of Indian food is not enough and you want to hook up with a new friend, you should try Spices on Dudley street, north of the city centre. They serve the best curry in the area. And we all know that the best way to someone’s heart is through their stomach.

Dating in Dudley´s nightlife

Dudley´s pubs are what come to mind when it comes to nightlife. They are the best in the area for meeting new people, including cosy dens with traditional Black Country drinks.


When it comes to Dudley´s best pubs, there’s a lot on offer, so we´re going to submerge ourselves fully starting with the Summerhouse. Having the basics on offer in a pub is very important. The Summerhouse does precisely this, serving a wide range of quality drinks together with a tasty and accessible menu. The staff are very kind, as are the locals, so it´s not hard to make new friends. The interior is clean and well-decorated.

We can say the same about the Fellows which boasts views of Dudley castle and the zoological gardens. An ideal place to start a night that could turn into a passionate night with a stranger. The beers are good, with a wide variety of wines and liquors to choose from.

A true Black Country classic, the Vine Inn is an institution in this city. With locally made beer from Batham on tap and a menu with classic Black country dishes such as pastries, pork pies and corn on the cob. Whether you´re enjoying a quiet beer or having a few beers while playing darts, there are few better places to meet women and be assured a great night out.

how to find a date in Dudley

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Hooking up in Dudley, capital of the Black Country
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Hooking up in Dudley, capital of the Black Country
Hooking up in Dudley, ground zero for what was later known as the Industrial Revolution, but since then has become famous for much more.
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