Dating in Derby

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Dating in Derby

Dating in Derby doesn´t have to be like winning in a race. Derby women like their men to take their time and above all to know where to take them to have a good time.

Derby is a city and a borough in the county of Derbyshire, England. It’s situated on the shore of the Derwent river in the south of Derbyshire which was traditionally the city belonging to the Earl of Derby. Derby won city status in 1977 and according to the census of 2011, it has a population of 248,700.

How to flirt with women in Derby?

There are so many ways to meet women or to have an unforgettable date in Derby. And here we´re going to tell you about some of them.

There is a lot of art and culture to be seen in Derby to keep yourself busy. You could take a trip to the Derby Museum and Art Gallery to see the biggest collection of works by Joseph Wright from Derby, the incredible architecture at Pickford’s House or explore your artistic side with the Derby QUAD or Derby Theatre.

To meet new people in Derby you can visit some of it’s fantastic attractions. Replete with beautiful stately homes such as Kedleston Hall or Chatsworth House, activities such as the Crich Tramway Museum, Clip n Climb Derby or Gulliver´s Kingdom, or places of interest such as the first mechanized factory in the world, the Silk Mill of the marvelously restored St Werburgh Church.

But, if you´re looking for inspiration, below we’ll show you 5 great date ideas, and the best things to do with your date in Derby.

Eating in Derby

There are some great restaurants to visit together. Some of our favourites in Derby are: Wonky Table, Joiner´s Arms and Cock Inn at Mugginton.

Or why not go somewhere simple like a “Cheeky Nandos”.


Derby Odeon Luxe and Derby QUAD offer shared seats, simply look for double seats in the QUAD or push up the middle chair arm in the Odeon, it´s as simple as that for a date night in Derby.

Markeaton Park

Markeaton Park is a great place for walking, especially now there’s a path that winds round the park, there’s also an artisan’s village which can be visited on the way, have an ice cream or sit in a cafe.

It’s a beautiful, 200 acre park situated on the outskirts of Derby.

meet new people from Derby

Markeaton Park benefits from an adventure park and an intriguing artisanal village.

The park attracts more than a million visitors a year, turning it into one of the most popular parks in the East Midlands. Ideal to meet new people in Derby.

The park has many activities, such as:

  • Half Pipe for skaters
  • Swimming pool
  • Ice-cream van
  • Donkey rides
  • Café
  • Pitch and Put
  • Tennis courts

Kedleston Hall

This is an excellent choice for a date in Derby. It’s very close to the city centre and with so many fantastic views, as well as the beauty of the building itself, Kedleston Hall is a great place to have a wander.

It’s a little expensive to park and ride (7.90 per person and for people that aren’t Trust members), so make sure you´re prepared to spend some time there to get the most from your money.

There’s also a cafe and a National Trust shop if you fancy eating or reading at your leisure.


It might not have occurred to you, but it’s a very fun thing to do on a date in Derby and while away the hours.

In the Hollywood Bowl Derby, inside, there is a games room with many fun attractions that you can use with a top-up card.

If you want to win some tickets to exchange for prizes go to the Space Invaders game, they offer great rewards if you can beat the machine.

Meeting women online in Derby

Knowing how to flirt is an essential skill in order to be successful on online dating sites and in face-to-face meetings.

Flirting generates an instant connection and, more importantly, it allows someone to find out, in an informal way, that you´re interested in them, giving them an easy way to let you know if they feel the same.

If you don´t know how to flirt, you should start by trying out, the best online platform to meet women instantly. Once you have conquered the basic concepts, you won´t only start enjoying flirting, but you´ll have a lot more success during a possible sex date.

There are 2 key areas that you need to conquer to become a professional flirter to find a partner.

meet women from Derby

1. Have interesting initial conversations

Nobody likes generic and boring conversations. They´re the nightmare of online dates. Superficial conversations which, in reality, don´t mean anything to either of you. It’s because of this that you need to have interesting conversations as early on as possible with whoever you´re talking to. This will give you much more natural opportunities to show that you´re interested in a potential new partner.

2. Connect and flatter

Once the person you´re chatting to on has opened up a little to you, it´s much easier and natural to begin flirting. Here are 2 ideas to help keep the conversations interesting and flirty.

  • Ask detailed questions, in line with their answers. If they love running ask them why they love running. Which race do they dream running in? When did they start running? Showing interest and curiosity is flirtatious and attractive.
  • Make jokes and joke with them to lighten up the conversation. Find out what they do for fun. Exaggerate, be gently sarcastic. If they find all of your jokes funny, they´re probably starting to like you.

Learning to flirt or improving your romantic conversational skills allows your personality to shine and shows off your other characteristics. It’s not about being sickly sweet, it’s about starting meaningful conversations with a light-hearted and suggestive tone.

Also, you’ll find out if you’re compatible with the person you’re chatting to much more quickly, which will allow you to spend longer getting to know what kind of people you have a connection with.

Dating in Derby: beyond the industrial revolution
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Dating in Derby: beyond the industrial revolution
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