Dating in Bournemouth

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Dating in Bournemouth

Whether you’re single and ready to start to date in Bournemouth or you want to have a one-night stand. The city offers some fantastic places for a date night in Bournemouth with lots to do. 

Bournemouth is far from being a quiet coastal city, by night it overflows with colour and energy. You can enjoy huge nightclubs and live music venues that harbour the best DJs in the world. From elegant bars that offer sea views and exquisite cocktails. Spending time meeting girls and dating in Bournemouth is a delight.

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Where to have a first date in Bournemouth

If you’re planning a date night in Bournemouth with a romantic meal, you’ll always hit the nail on the head, Bournemouth and the surrounding areas offer some exquisite restaurants which will definitely impress the lucky girl and great for date ideas in Bournemouth. 

If your girl likes Italian food, the Piccola Italia and Vesuvio have delicious menus that will make you feel like you’ve been transported to Rome. 

For authentic Greek dishes, Romanzo Greek Taverna should be high on your list of options for dinner with your partner, another good option for a date idea in Bournemouth. 

For panoramic views of the coast, you can reserve a table at the open air and unusual Urban Reef . Or at the exclusive Brasserie Blanc at the top of the cliff. 

If you really want to impress, take your date to Schpoons & Forx, owned by Chef and host Matt Tebbutt. It offers a truly unique experience. 

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Bars for meeting girls and dating in Bournemouth

How about flirting while having a tasty drink? You can enjoy exclusive cocktails at Rick Stein, including Ceylon Negroni, Souk Cosmo and Campari Fizz and even meet new people. 

1812 is a vibrant cocktail bar which offers a fantastic variety of delicious drinks.

It’s essential you visit Level8ightThe Sky Bar. Enjoy the impressive views of Bournemouth while you drink their exclusive Bournemouth Sour. 

Bournemouth offers some charming hotels which are perfect for romantic getaway. Enjoy a date night in Bournemouth with a luxury suite in one of the suites in the Hermitage Hotel or the Bournemouth Hilton. 

Do you want to wake up to beautiful sea views? Try the Highcliff Marriott Hotel or the Hotel Rivera by the Sea. Do you love the open air? Spend a night under the stars in Shamba or Meadowbank Holidays

There’s many options to choose from if you want to have an unusual date in Bournemouth.

Dating nightlife in Bournemouth

On the glorious southern coast, Bournemouth is the perfect destination to enjoy a date night in Bournemouth to hook up with girls or have a sex date in Bournemouth. Whether it’s with a girl you met recently or with your partner of many years. You can never have enough nights out. 

If you love music, take yourself to one of the many nightclubs in the city. You’ll find world class sound systems playing the best in the house, RnB and more. Like VIP clubs where you dress to impress. 

Truth Nightclub is a new nightclub in the city centre. It’s objective is to host the best nights and the best table service you’ve ever had. They’ve reinvented VIP.

Bar Republiq is a secret boutique VIP club in the heart of Bournemouth. They’ve created a unique concept of the Manhattan high life and the extra modern East Village fused with the social scene of the Upper East Side. 

The Old Fire Station is a unique club in Bournemouth and it’s the home of an enormous variety of diverse events. The club hosts all types of music, from dance, electronic, d’n’b, house and alternative, which means that they offer a nightclub where you can meet all types of girls

The Anvil is a new rock bar in the heart of Bournemouth. It’s characteristics include an extensive rock music machine, rock DJ nights, live concerts, pool, a chillout area, an enormous collection of beers, ciders and liquors, rock and roll deco and friendly staff. All together so your night out dating girls is a success.

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