How to drive a woman crazy in bed

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drive woman crazy in bed

The most important thing in giving pleasure to a woman is understanding her, at Shag we want to help you to understand this nad learn how to drive woman crazy in bed, by giving you some advice you can put into practice in your future encounters.

  • Observe her reactions, empathy is vital in sexual relations
  • Communicate, the easiest way to understand a woman is to ask her, don’t be shy
  • Go slowly, there are women who need more time than others, it’s important to know how to give them time
  • Be imaginative, each woman is a world unto herself and reacts in a different way

It’s important to take into account that both the sex and the foreplay don’t start in the bedroom, on the date there are many activities which can influence sex.

It’s been shown that activities such as dancing, conversation, laughter or watching horror films can alter pleasure receptors in the brain and predispose one to pleasure, hence it’s important to understand her well, to know something about her likes, and to plan the date wisely.

If, on the other hand, we find ourselves going on a first date where we don’t know the other person, we can opt to choose a more open plan, adapting to her preferences so she feels comfortable.

Once intimacy has begun it’s important to remain calm and remember the initial advice, as this is the moment that observation and communication are key.

Observing her reaction to drive woman crazy in bed

The infamous sexual foreplay should go slowly, observing her reaction to what we do, so that, bit by bit, we adapt to what she really wants. And don’t worry, when you get it right she’ll let you know, and in the case that you are left without knowing what to do or you feel lost you can always ask her what she likes or what she wants you to do.

Both things don’t always have to coincide, besides, talking can be a potent aphrodisiac for both people. Don’t lose sight of the power words.

Although the sex might end with foreplay, it’s not usually the case, because of this it’s important that, before going any further, it’s clear that she wants to.

One trick that never fails is to wait for her to ask, but in any case don’t lose sight of the importance of her pleasure, trying different positions to see which she finds the most comfortable, or going at the rhythm that she needs at each moment are details which can make an enormous difference for any woman, attention to the small details is the key. Later on we’ll explore this further.

The fact of the matter is that we must be patient and understand that sex relates to many other factors which we need to pay attention to, such as our appearance, cleanliness, where the sex takes place, the date or meeting that’s brought you there, but above all we need to understand the woman and allow yourself to be guided by her, as nobody knows better than she does what she likes. Your new fuck buddies will be grateful that you’ve read to the end of the article.

sexual foreplay to drive woman crazy in bed

The importance of sexual foreplay to drive woman crazy in bed

One of the biggest problems when it comes to sexual problems is this: the majority of people think that sex means penetration and it’s not the case. Sexual foreplay is considered to be sex.

Desire and sexual arousal are the initial phases of everything that may or not end in penetration.

But then, what is foreplay? Foreplay are actions which partners engage in before intercourse to arrive at the maximum state of arousal possible.

The problem with this definition is that going directly to intercourse and we insist: a satisfactory and enjoyable sexual relationship doesn’t have to include penetration. Although in general, it is part of it.

During the foreplay, the body experiences a multitude of physiological changes. The blood pressure goes up, as does the heartbeat, sweating and of course erections and genital lubrication all occur.

Erotic dinner.

As it says on the label – there are literally hundreds of aphrodisiac foods as there are countries. The classic footie under the table can work wonders. Private gestures, hand stroking and making her see, bit by bit that you’re getting turned on can provoke (and it will if you do it well) certain responses in your partner.


The massage, if well done, is always good for foreplay. But careful, it shouldn’t be relaxing, rather arousing. Circle around the erogenous areas without invading them, be sure your hands transmit safety, confidence and a furtive brush is more effective than something very full on.


You could meet in the hotel bar and pretend you don’t know each other. There are as many games as there are sexual preferences. All of them are very arousing.

Make out.

When did you last make out with your partner? When you were a teenager I mean. Kisses, a little bit of fumbling around, without overdoing it. Snog like you did when you were 16. You’ll be surprised how effective this type of foreplay is.

Watch porn.

It can be very exciting to watch porn with your partner if it doesn’t become a prerequisite for sex.

Erotic table games.

There’s a wide range on the market and almost all of them can be used as foreplay games


A good striptease makes the watcher lose themselves admiring what they see and anticipating what will come next.


The erotic games consist in tying up your partner in a thousand different ways, they are more extensive than what they seem and if they aren’t strictly classed as foreplay, some couples use them for that.

How long should foreplay last? This isn’t an exact science, but in general, too little or too much is bad, according to a survey carried out with 200 hundred Shag users. Too little can mean one of you won’t get turned on enough. And too much, can feel frustrating.

First date: What type of woman do you have before you?

To know how to act in bed with a woman you need to get to know her at least a little, so if you’re going to go on a first date, you have to understand how to read women.

There are passionate people looking for rough sex, exciting and not slow. They want out and out sex, not grand gestures of love. Others want to teach you all they know, others go with the flow while others take the lead…. Below we will indicate different types of personalities in the bedroom.

how to make a woman enjoy

Personality types in the bedroom

The starfish.

You’ve got a problem. These women don’t enjoy sex, for different reasons, some traumatic, be careful, and don’t do anything to try and change them. They lie down, open their legs and try to do the best they can, that’s to say without doing or saying anything. It’s likely that you will find them looking at their watch. If you’re not interested, get out of there. Don’t confuse this personality with your own laziness.

Neither here nor there.

The sex with her is like pizza, even when it’s bad it’s quite good. You can satisfy your needs occasionally without too many complications. Force yourself to satisfy her and she’ll thank you for it.

The tiger.

Total passion. One of those shags that you end up with your back full of scratches and even a few bruises. Here you have to be strong, fight, wrestle, but always with a smile on your face. Remember, it’s all a game.

The explorer.

She wants to explore new terrain with you. If you’re up for it and you have an open mind, great things can happen. On the other hand it could be a disaster of cosmic proportions.

The Dominatrix.

Ok, she may not be wearing a latex cortex and carrying a whip, but there are lots of women who love to give orders in bed. You can join in or not, that depends on you. But, not satisfying her will mean everything is less exciting

The Jane Austen.

Maybe you met her in a club, but once you’re in bed she starts acting strangely, looking into your eyes and kissing you romantically. She’ll kiss you all over your face while you’re doing it, very tenderly. If you like this kind of thing, great, but, better have an antidote for all that sugar.

It’s important to know that no-one is the same all the time in all situations. People change depending on many things: her personal circumstances, if she’s drunk alcohol, if the person in front of her likes her or not, etc.

Neither men nor women looking for sexual relations are programmed robots. Science says there’s something in it, but we all have the last word in whatever situation.

So, the most important thing is to know what the women you’ve been flirting with is like to get it right in the bedroom.

type of personality you have in front

First date: How to know what type of personality you have in front of you?

Well, it’s quite complicated to know straight off unless you’re a very observant type of person. Besides, there’s another problem. In bed people show who they are, but in daily life, it’s not always the case.

Does that seem back to front? Well, it isn’t. At first it may seem that way, but it isn’t. In bed people show how they are, even if they’re repressing sexual desire. You can see this if you look.

Turning off the light? Avoiding doing certain things? The total opposite? Everything that a woman does in bed will give you more clues about how they are in life than in practically any other situation.

In bed we are naked, both physically and emotionally. If there’s feedback there’s no other situation in which we can be as certain of someone. In fact, you’re so close, you’re inside. Because of this all, behaviour or reaction (if things are working well) is instinctive, animal, primary.

You reveal your true nature

So, you can find yourself with someone who may be unnoticed at work but in bed is a dominatrix.

It’s quite complicated to tell what a woman’s like in bed from real life, although there’s always some clues, if you don’t have the familiarity to ask without reservation.

Shag, the dating website with the solution in reach

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That’s if you have a good profile and you’re not too uncouth. Being explicit is good at certain moments but showing her horrendous photos of your most intimate parts isn’t going to help you find what she’s like in bed, what she likes to do and be done to her.

At everyone’s got an advantage

By explaining your preferences with simple clicks to complete your profile you’re already indicating to others what type of person you are without needing to talk. Said in another way: at Shag you’ve already got half the job done.

The following is a little more complicated, but nothing you can’t do typing calmly in the intimacy of your own home. It consists of getting to know the other person. There are daring types who connect straight away and meet in the first available hotel room they can find, others wait weeks before going on the first date.

What’s important is to find out what the other person wants. No problem. Do you want casual sex? Ask. Do you want a threesome? Ask. Do you want to come out of the closet? Ask. Do you want a stable relationship? Ask.

At Shag there’s room for everyone.

Drive woman crazy in bed, learn how to do it
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Drive woman crazy in bed, learn how to do it
The most important thing to give pleasure to a woman is to understand her, from Shag we want to help you to drive woman crazy in bed.
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