The best sexual games to get you out of the routine

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sexual games for couple

Spending a lot of time with someone, undoubtedly, has its advantages. It establishes mutual understanding which few relationships can boast of. But it also has its disadvantages. One of the most damaging, although few couples try to solve it, is routine sex . It’s something which happens bit by bit, when sex becomes ever more predictable and boring. So how about breaking this dynamic with some sexual games for a couple to enjoy

What are sexual games?

According to Wikipedia

Known as sexual games, preliminary games before foreplay prior to the sexual act. These games help to develop the couples excitement and lubricate the genital organs, which facilitates coitus. Sexual games can last from a few brief minutes to a few hours before culminating in the sexual act.

We, in this article we call them sexual games – or erotic games – as much as those that come before as those that come after.

Types of sexual games

All of the erotic games are designed for couples but can also be done in a trio – for example each one of the trio plays a role in turn. The games simply need adapting. 

1. Domination

What do you need: Essential, handcuffs or anything else that will serve to tie the wrists. Optional: apart from the erotic games already mentioned, some erotic clothing, leather or latex, whips, boots or high heel shoes. 

How to play: Tie your partners wrists up to the headboard of the bed and treat them badly (remembering that it’s all a game, don’t scare them the poor thing). Talk dirty and tell them all that you’re going to do to them if they don’t behave themselves.

Why is it fun: Because it’s a type of role play that allows you to be someone you’re usually not. To dominate and be dominated by your partner can help you find the excitement lost in years of coupledom or marriage. 

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2. 69 gastronomy (need I say more)

What do you need: frozen strawberries, cream, various ice-cream flavours

How to play: Get into a 69 position with your partner and smear their genitals with whatever ice cream or cream you like. Let her do it herself.

Why is it fun: Do I really have to explain it? This erotic game, apart from being fun, can be an antidote against certain types of religious education which says that oral sex is a little disgusting. 

3.  The sex restaurant

What do you need? Gather together everything you would ask for if you were in a restaurant. Drinks, starters, first course, second, desert and a glass of bubbly to finish.

How to play: Put each thing in a different room. Each room raises the level of sexual games. First, have a drink – slowly, as if you were waiting for your table – and kiss a little. Don’t speed things up in this room.

In the second room touch each other over your clothing and maybe undo a button while eating the starters. And so on until you get to the last room where you find the glass of bubbly and the wildest sex you’ve had in years.

Why is it fun: Firstly, because eating and drinking tasty things is always fun, besides, it adds excitement to the sexual game as you’re always waiting for what will come next, the fun crescendos.

Besides, it’s a perfect opportunity to see if what they say about aphrodisiac food is true. 

4. Erotic tales

What do you need: erotic stories in any format, novel, short story etc. You can select a passage you like from any erotic novel or read it from the internet.

How to play: if it’s something that you’ve already read, explain to your partner why you like it. But it doesn’t matter. In either case read the story aloud, calmly and with the appropriate intonation. If you both feel comfortable and excited after the reading you could represent the characters. 

Why is it fun:  These types of adult couple games are an excellent preliminary and besides you don’t have to think of anything yourself. 

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5. Kiss my box of chocolates

What do you need: a box of chocolates

How to play: One of you lies naked on the bed with a certain number of chocolates covering the body. The other person, also naked, apart from wearing a mask to cover the eyes, will have to find them through kisses.

Why is it fun: Because you’re demonstrating that stable couples who kiss passionately and regularly have a happier and fuller sex life. This erotic game raises it to another level. Besides, when there’s passion, the whole body becomes like the lips. Use it.

6. See who comes last

What do you need: Just your partner

How to play: The game is about seeing who takes longer to get an orgasm. Whoever loses, has to do some type of task. Like a full body massage, make dinner and wash up afterwards or something like that.

Why is it fun: Because it creates a powerful emotional connection. It’s a light version of tantric sex. 

7. Let the dice decide

What do you need: paper, pen, two bowls, two dice

How to play: you have to write ten things you like to be done to you on 10 pieces of paper that you fold up and put in your bowl. Your partner does the same. Both of you throw your dice, whoever gets the highest score takes a paper from their partner’s bowl and does whatever’s written on the paper. 

If they want to, obviously.

Why is it fun: because it’s the perfect occasion to write what you want them to do to you and to discover male or female sexual fantasies, depending on your partner’s gender.

8. Sexual Scrabble

What do you need: the famous game or something similar

How to play: you have to only make up words related to sex. If one of you makes a word for a part of the body, the other has to kiss it. 

Why is it fun?: you become the king of board games in an erotic game.

It’s not just intellectually stimulating, but also allows you both to get turned on and the physical interaction develops gradually until it becomes one of the most fun couple sex games.

couple sex games

9. The king and the servant 

What do you need: your imagination

How to play: one of you is a member of the royal family and the other is a servant. The king or queen gives orders and gets exactly what they ask for. It’s good to be very specific with the orders like “caress my breasts” or “press here”.

Why is it fun: It’s a way of learning that you’ll never get exactly what you want unless you communicate well. 

10.  Hot stones

What do you need: round, flat and soft stones, a saucepan with hot water, some hand towels and massage oil. 

How to play: Wrap each stone up in a hand towel and put it in the saucepan for half an hour to an hour. When the stones are sufficiently hot – be careful – make your partner lie face down, naked and massage their whole body. 

Then put the stones along their spine and, when they’re cool enough, roll them around their body. 

Be sensual with your caresses. If you’re aggressive or go to quickly to their genitals you can spoil the fun. 

Why is it fun: receiving a massage doesn’t only improve wellbeing but also makes you feel emotionally closer to your partner.

Sexual games for a couple to enjoy
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Sexual games for a couple to enjoy
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