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Are you looking forward to meeting new people in Southampton? If you want to start a new romance or fall in love again, keep on reading and you’ll discover all the places you can enjoy a date in Southampton at.

Discover how you can meet women and men, as well as flirt in Southampton using your knowledge as you main tool, with the help of the most advanced technology to help you on your quests

The city

Southampton is a city in the south of the UK that is not particularly famous as a tourist destination. However, Southampton can actually be a very charming city, despite its initial cold appearance.

Southampton is one of the largest cities on the south coast of England. With around 230,000 inhabitants. It is located 53 kilometres from Bournemouth and 32 kilometres from Portsmouth, basically in the centre of the south coast.

The fact that it is a university town helps dating in Southampton

The first thing you notice about Southampton is that it is a university city. Despite its small size, it has two large universities, Southampton University, which focuses on science, and Southampton Solent University, which specialises in art and audio-visual studies. 

Naturally, the rivalry between the two universities is a talking point in any pub among young people.

Apart from Southampton being a university city, it is also home to one of England’s largest and busiest ports. As a matter of fact, the Titanic sailed from here and almost all of its crew were locals.

As any good student city, daytime is not the only time to go out on the streets and find a partner. During the night the streets lend themselves to meeting new people and can be just as busy, if not busier, during the academic year.

In addition to the high street, the junction of High Street and Above Bar Street, there is Portswood, Bedford Place and Oceana. Three areas full of pubs and clubs where achieving a date in Southampton is almost guaranteed. Dancing from hip-hop to dubstep to just about any genre that can make you move.

In conclusion, Southampton, is a city where you can experience what it’s like to live in England for real, beyond the overcrowded (but no less charismatic) London.

Where to meet women and where to go on a date in Southampton

Southampton offers a wide variety of activities to meet new people and flirt. As well as a range of entertainment options for both visitors looking for a one-night stand in Southampton and locals alike.

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The Bargate

Located in the heart of Southampton’s commercial centre, it is a medieval building where you can take a tour to learn more about the history of the city. It is a great place to have a first date in Southampton.

On the top floor of the building there is a special room for visitors where you can see different works of art and relics. In the surroundings of this building, you can still find some remains of the city wall that used to surround the city.

Leisure centres

Southampton’s football team is a member of the National League, and the city places great importance on sports in general. Around the city you can find some leisure centres where you can play football, go swimming or take part in a variety of other fitness activities. 

People who enjoy sports, exercising, and like to keep fit, can be matched with like-minded people at many of these venues.

Theatres and Museums

The city has multiple theatres where a number of West End plays are performed. The Mayflower is the best known and busiest of them all.

Southampton also has a number of interesting museums, including the Museum of Archaeology, the Maritime Museum and the Tudor House Museum and Garden. The Museum of Archaeology has one of the most amazing collections in the UK and is housed in what was once England’s first artillery fort.

A great date in Southampton can start with a stroll through one of its fabulous museums, or a visit to a play. Followed by a candlelit dinner.

Getting in touch with women from Southampton

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How to meet women in Southampton

There are many ways to meet women in Southampton. Apart from the more typical ones like partying, there are also easier ways to meet girls in Southampton. 

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