How to flirt in Cardiff

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flirt in Cardiff

Flirting in Cardiff is like doing it in any other city, in which you would like to pick up girls, although it has its own idiosyncrasies.

The capital city of Wales has everything: museums, green spaces and architectural gems, with the castle at its core, an ancient and modern construction you can enjoy an atmosphere focused on culture. 

Dating in Cardiff

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However you get a date through our site, or otherwise, you will still have to make plans for it.

A few ideas for daytime dates in Cardiff

1. Cardiff Castle

In the heart of the city, the area surrounding Cardiff Castle began as a Roman fort and over time became a mixture of buildings from different periods.

The most striking part is perhaps that which was built during the time of John Patrick Crichton-Stuart, 3rd Marquess of Bute who was the richest man in the world. He transformed the castle into a real Gothic fantasy palace. In addition to the different types of visits you can make, there are, a multitude of exhibitions, events and meetings held here.

Walking around the castle and getting to know the woman you have just met could be a wonderful first date experience.

2. Wales Millennium Centre

Set in Cardiff Bay we find one of the modern buildings by which the Welsh capital is identified: the Wales Millennium Centre. 

This building serves as the headquarters for seven of the main cultural institutions in Wales. Including the National Opera. This means that if you are looking for something to enjoy with your date; a concert, a play, a musical, a dance show…this is where you must take her.

The National Art Centre’s design is inspired by images of the Welsh landscape, as well as its traditions. The building materials are sourced from different parts of the country. 

To make the Welsh imprint clear, the main facade of the building (which is covered with huge copper coloured tiles) depicts a bilingual phrase inspired by the ancient Celtic tribes, which unites the Welsh with English and says: ” Creating truth like glass from inspiration’s furnace” and “In these stones the horizons sing”.

flirt in Cardiff at the museum

3. Cardiff National Museum

In fact, there are several museums where you can find fabulous collections of art, archaeology, geology and natural history… and everything is free! 

Yes, in Wales, museums are free. Choose the area you want to discover but don’t miss out. If you decide to stop by the National Museum of Art (on the first floor) you will find, for example, one of the best impressionist and post-impressionist collections in Europe. And if you go for a walk on the ground floor you can see everything from a real piece of moon rock to Dinosaurs and Trilobites.

If you or your partner are interested in these things, you can’t miss out on a date at the national museum. 

Talking of art, if you both like it, this is something that can bring you closer together.

A few ideas for night-time dates in Cardiff

Cardiff’s Arcades

You can actually go on a date here during the day too. But it’s wonderful when the darkness comes and all the lights come on. 

It’s really romantic, but the place serves many purposes, and one could be finding women looking for men to have an adventure with. 

To go shopping, have a coffee or dinner, or just walk around, the Arcades, Cardiff’s covered galleries, are a unique place. Preserved since Victorian times, they retain the original atmosphere each arcade is dedicated to a different type of product. 

For example, High Street Arcade is a good place to look for vintage clothes; Castle Arcade with its red and white wooden catwalk, houses fantastic cafes and music shops; Wyndham Arcade, is great for pubs and restaurants, etc. 

Some other popular ones are Morgan Arcade (where you will find Spillers Records is, considered to be the oldest record shop in the world), Duke Street Arcade. Dominions Arcade and Royal Arcade, the first one to be built, in 1858.

Free sex dates in Cardiff

Free sex dates? They all start in pubs and restaurants

Modern or traditional, Cardiff’s pubs are one of the places you have to go if you want a proper night out.

And, of course, you have to try the beer. The local go-to place is the Brains, which you will recognise by its logo showcasing the red dragon of Wales. 

Regarding the food, you will see that there are a lot of options to choose from and all of great quality. In Cardiff there are, for example, some of the best restaurants in the UK. But also places like Dorothy’s, a traditional fish and chip shop renowned for its quality.

In fact, in the restaurants you will find a system of points from 1 to 5 that marks precisely that, the quality. Dorothy’s has a 5. 

Throughout the year there are many food fairs and events, and in Cardiff, as in the rest of Wales, food is something that is not taken lightly.

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Flirt in Cardiff, do it the proper way
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Flirt in Cardiff, do it the proper way
Flirt in Cardiff is like doing it in a city like any other to pick up girls, although it has its own idiosyncrasy
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