Hooking up in Luton

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hooking up in Luton

This city seems a lot like a London neighbourhood. However, hooking up in Luton can turn out to be somewhat more fluid. This bustling town in the county of Bedfordshire has a lot to offer. 

To begin the dating rules and meeting women and men has radically changed the last year in the whole country. 

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Showing emotions

When we talk about dating, it’s important to stimulate and generate emotions in the other person, and when talking about online dating it’s even more important.

We’re attracted to people who stimulate us, if we find ourselves with someone of the opposite sex who doesn’t stimulate us at all, we won’t be attracted to them.

So, it’s important to keep in mind what kind of communication is stimulating.

And what type of communication is stimulating? Well communication that stimulates is the emotional kind, that which has to do with the emotions.

If we want to improve our communication on the internet and date online effectively it’s important to try and transmit emotional content, an easy way to do this is to use verbs or actions which implicate the emotions: celebrate, dance, sing, enjoy, travel.

Exploring the dating world of Luton

Luton holds the biggest daylong carnival in the United Kingdom, the Luton International Carnival. This colourful event presents a wide variety of music, artists and dancers who lead a big Brazilian type parade. It’s traditionally celebrated at the end of May.

The crowds can reach up to 150,000 people. There are music stages and stands all around the city centre and Wardown Park. Such a large festival is an excellent opportunity to meet new people.

Nightlife for hooking up in Luton

Nightlife for hooking up in Luton

Historic pubs, trendy bars, cocktail bars, hipster hangouts and nightclubs: the nightlife for hooking up in Luton has it all.

Bars to meet people in Luton

Probably the coolest bar in Luton, the Bear Club, just next to Guildford Street, offers live jazz and blues nights every Thursday, Friday and Saturday with a cocktail menu, beers and wine fresh and original as the place and the music.

Ray’s Place, the perfect place to try an 8 ball on a first date in Luton. With more than eight pool tables, it’s the leading pool club in the city, with televisions showing sport channels and a well-stocked bar offering a variety of beers, lagers and liquors.

If you prefer to spend your time with friends in a sports bar, don’t look any further than Off the Wall, an elegant bar and restaurant which offers pub and bar classics with a good price to quality ratio. Well elaborated cocktail menus and all the latest sport action on large screens.

Trendy pubs in Luton

In the heart of Luton, the Wheelwright Arms and The Great Northern can be found on Guildford Street, around the shopping centre, the Mall. 

The Wheelwright Arms is an old pub with some modern touches. With a jukebox, dartboards and dominos.

The Great Northern, one of the oldest and smallest pubs in the city has hardly changed at all in the last century. It’s like drinking in a time machine, with tiles on the Victorian walls, brass holders for beer glasses on the table and a wooden bar with beers, whiskey and liquors.

Clubs for hooking up in Luton

The Exchange is open every Friday and Saturday night until 5am and offers a variety of local DJs who play a variety of classics and all types of music. An ideal place to meet girls and guys in Luton.

Meanwhile, the Flame Bar is the LGBT place for hooking up in Luton, open from Thursday to Sunday. It’s been operating since 2002. The space includes the main room of the club, a terrace for smokers, a bar and chill-out room, which means there’s lots of places to meet your next partner.

Find your ideal partner at Shag.co.uk

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Hooking up in Luton, bustling city
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Hooking up in Luton, bustling city
Luton is a bustling town in the country of Bedfordshire, very similar to a London neighbourhood. But hooking up in Luton is not the same as in the capital.
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