Hooking up in Preston

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Hooking up in Preston

Being a University city, meeting girls and guys and hooking up with in Preston isn’t mission impossible. It’s a fantastic place to spend some well-deserved free time, as it offers a wide variety of activities with lots of things to do and see.

Preston is a friendly city, animated and vibrant in the northeast of England. Located near the coast and larger cities such as Liverpool and Manchester.

Precisely thanks to the fact that it’s a university city, most of the young people look for dates online. Shag.co.uk arrived in the UK to facilitate dating and meeting partners.

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The best advice for online dating in Preston

From Shag.co.uk we give advice on dating women online in Preston that you won’t find anywhere else. Perhaps this will be the most important advice for successful dating in Preston: don’t talk about or mention sex straight away.

Once of the most important qualities in dating is empathy.

If when thinking about the other person and you put yourself in her shoes, you will understand the difficulties and attitudes which may cause her to put the brakes on. To be precise, you’ll understand her needs and how to make things flow with ease.

If you want the other person to like you and agree to your proposals, it’s important that they are proportional to the advances you’re making in the relationship, if you haven’t made any headway and you propose something that’s disproportionate to where you are in the relationship, like sex for example, you’ll be much more likely to face rejection.

Use your social intelligence. We all know that if someone is using this type of social network, they’re open to meeting new people and are probably open to having sex with someone they like. As a voice of the people it’s something we all know, you don’t need to prove it.

Dating nightlife in Preston

Dating nightlife in Preston

The dating nightlife for students in Preston is fantastic. This small city has a lot to offer, so there should be something here for everyone.

As an additional advantage, student nights in Preston are amongst some of the cheapest in the UK.

Like the majority of northern cities, in Preston they know how to have fun. From the student pubs that sell beer for only a pound to high end cocktail bars offering cocktail creations on request, there’s something for everyone.

Bars in Preston

It’s possible that Preston doesn’t have the same nightlife attraction as the big nearby cities, Liverpool and Manchester, but with dozens of bars and thousands of students and postgrads, the city knows how to offer a great night out where you can meet girls and guys out to enjoy themselves. Amongst some of the favourite bars in Preston we have: Hogarths, Roper Hall and Clubbing.

Pubs in Preston

Preston is a city that experienced a renaissance in the 19th century, it has a lot of Victorian pubs and bars. You can count on enormous bars full of beer and bustling kitchens bursting with the smell of recently baked cakes, including the city’s famous “butter cake”.

Clubs for partying in Preston

Clubs for partying in Preston

Mainly driven by the student population, the clubs are big business in Preston. The scene has experienced various important changes in the last decades, with the reopening of new clubs on the sites of old classics. Revs has become the Rift Bar, Cameo is the old site of Squires. Evoque used to be known as Lava.

Evoque on Church Street is the biggest club in Preston and holds three main club nights on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Opening in 2013 it’s licensed until 4am and five bars are divided into two different rooms. However, bear in mind it’s a big space and when you’re in the middle partying it’s easy to lose your friends.

If you’re looking for a different type of space to meet new people, try the Warehouse. Not only have bands such as Joy Division and the Stone Roses played here, but the club with three rooms has a strong Indie vibe. Open Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, it’s situated in the city centre, a few steps from Evoque.

How does Shag.co.uk work

Shag.co.uk has a fast signing up process, ideal for people who don’t like having to fill in lots of questions. It’s advised to always fill in as many details as possible, the motive is simple. With a well thought out profile you’ll have the opportunity to meet people much more quickly.

We’re waiting for you, you don’t have anything to lose. The best thing of all is that signing up is free.

Hooking up in Preston, beautiful university city
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Hooking up in Preston, beautiful university city
Meeting girls and guys, hooking up with in Preston isn't mission impossible. It's a fantastic place to spend some well-deserved free time
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