Nottingham, the city of online dating

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Dating in Nottingham

Did you know that Nottingham is the city with the most users on online dating sites in the entire UK?

Statistically, it is.

If you’re from Nottingham, this fact might not surprise you. If you are someone who is thinking about visiting this city, and looking for a romantic date, then this article is for you.

The perfect place for a one night stand

It’s true that it’s perfect for that, but let’s first have a look at the things you can do in Nottingham.

  • It’s a small city, which makes it perfect to see it in a couple of days, so keep it in mind for when you’re looking for a short weekend trip. 
  • It’s a university town. It’s full of young people, and there are lots of bars and restaurants that look great and are very good value for money.
  • The old market square is the centre of the city. It is the second largest square in the UK after Trafalgar Square in London. And it’s hard to believe that such a huge square can be found in such a small city. However, this is because when the market square was built, Nottingham was an important industrial city with a prominent lace industry.
  • At Christmas, the main market square is home to Winter Wonderland, a large and atmospheric Christmas fair with food stalls and a huge skating rink, which gives the city centre a special charm.
  • You can visit Sherwood Forest to feel like Robin Hood, or Wollaton Park if you prefer a Batman-like experience.

Meeting friends with benefits in Nottingham 

Having friends with benefits in Nottingham is easier than ever thanks to Shag. You don’t have to go to a restaurant anymore to try any kind of cuisine from around the world, do you? You just pick up your smartphone and place an order, and in just over half an hour it will be delivered straight to your door. 

Now it’s the same with online dating. People no longer have to leave their home to get a date.

Making the next move will come later, when you feel like meeting up in person.  

For now, just ask yourself this question: when was the last time you were approached by a beautiful woman in Nottingham? If the answer is “a long time ago” you might consider joining the UK’s largest free dating site for free.

Ideas for night-time dates in Nottingham

The main nightlife happening will be the city centre, especially around the Lace Market. This city is known for having a good nightlife and plenty of options for a night out.

Go to the Lace Market and look for any bar or club that is full of women looking to hook up. Sometimes it’s good to have a set plan, but it’s also wise to keep your options open and keep an eye out for places with a good female to male ratio.

Shag: the most active free dating site in the UK. H2

Shag is the free dating site with the most unique monthly users in the UK.  

Over two million to be precise, according to the most reputable independent traffic measurement tool. 

So, if you’re looking for a date in Nottingham, the only question left to ask is….

Do you really want one or not?

Dating in Nottingham. The best tips.
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Dating in Nottingham. The best tips.
Are you thinking about visiting Nottingham? Would you like to meet women in this incredible city? On Shag we’ll tell you everything you need to know.
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