Sexting: everything you need to know

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Sexting is the practice of sharing photos or videos with erotic content and risqué messages, through the digital world.

Initially, text messages with sexual content were sent, but over time, with technological advances, the sending of photos and videos began to emerge through computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

This practice is very common in relationships between couples who are distanced. Also among all kinds of people who have met in real life or online in a social network.

However, many are concerned that the messages will be intercepted, as there are hackers who can access the security information that is stored.

We shouldn’t either disdain the fact that our sexting partner can forward content without our authorization.

How to practice safe sexting

Despite being a most pleasant activity, the dangers of sexting are there, so you have to know how to practice safe sexting.

Here are seven sexting rules to avoid problems.

1. Do not practice it with strangers

This is one of the main sexting rules.

Just like you wouldn’t give private information to someone you just met at a bar, you shouldn’t share your intimate photos with strangers online either.

Unless, of course, it is on specialized sites like Shag, where there are personnel in charge of verifying the profiles and ensuring the integrity of the private data of their users.

One of the main bases of sexting is the trust between the couple. Which allows you to be sure that neither of you is going to misuse those images.

Before doing

2. Before doing so, discuss it with your partner

Sending these types of images without prior notice can lead to embarrassing situations if the other person opens the content, for example, in the office.

It will also allow you to establish in advance the rules that you are going to follow. This includes if you can keep the images, for how long, what kind of images or texts are worth, or if someone else can see them.

3. Avoid being able to be identified in the photographs

One of the main dangers of sexting is that the content sent is made public. Therefore, when you send sexual content, avoid showing your face, tattoos, birthmarks or anything that can identify you.

You should also prevent photographs, posters from appearing in the background… that might involve you in case the content were made public.

4. Use secure applications

You must use apps with a message encryption system. In this way, only you and the recipient have access to the content.

Avoid using Facebook, Messenger or Twitter. A good option is Signal since it allows you to set a self-destruct time for messages, put a password on your conversations and prevent screenshots from being taken.

Telegram is also another option, although it has recently been called into question for its alleged connections to the Russian government.

As we have pointed out above, dating sites like Shag have a security department that looks after the well-being of users. Even so, we always advise prudence: it does not hurt to talk a little before starting to send photos.

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5. Delete the information of the photos

Each image you take with your mobile phone includes information such as where it was taken, at what time and with what device.

You can clear this data using apps like Photo Investigator. Or do it yourself from your computer by opening the image, clicking on tools and selecting delete information.

Turn off automatic saving

6. Turn off automatic saving of your photos

Services like WhatsApp, Google Photos or iCloud automatically save all the images on your mobile in the cloud. This can be a problem if you get hacked or if someone else has access to your private spaces on the Internet.

7. Protect the images if you are going to save them

If, despite everything, you decide to save the images (something totally inadvisable when practicing safe sexting), do so in a folder with a password and avoid uploading them to the cloud.

Always keep this phrase in mind: Sexting safety first!

Sexting tips.

How to seduce a woman doing sexting?

What follows are five sexting tips so that everything goes smoothly.

1. Practice sexting with someone you’ve already had actual sex with

Sexting is imagination and things can go a long way. That can create expectations that are frustrated when having sex for the first time.

2. Relax when sexting

Describe each moment that you would like to materialize with your partner in the most erotic and graphic way possible. Of course, focus above all on saying things that you would really like to do with your partner, so that you can carry it out when you see each other.

3. Do not use emoticons

Although it may not seem like it, it is one of the best sexting tips.

When you are going to sext stay away from emoticons. In this case, ellipses are much more effective. For example, it is more appropriate to say “I’ll wait for you on the couch…”.

4. Tell him or her how you feel

This advice refers to what you should say if you are aroused by the conversation you are having or imagining what you will do to him or her when you meet. One of the things that turns a person on is knowing that you’ve gotten hot thinking about them. So express those feelings.

Dirty talking

5. Dirty talking words to say over text? Tell them your fantasies

Looking for dirty talking words to say over text? Tell the other person about your sexual fantasies. This key serves to improve sexual life. Normally, we are less afraid to say what we think or what we feel if we do not have the other person in front of us. This may be the perfect opportunity to tell them your fantasies without him watching you blush.

It is possible that he or she is also excited to do those things, but that neither of you has dared to bring it up, so start with: “Imagine that you do this me…” or “Imagine that I do this to you…” and let your imagination fly.

Dirty text messages to break the ice

Ok, now that we’ve covered security and given you five valuable tips, let’s move on to a few examples of dirty text messages to break the ice.

What follows are 15 to start a bawdy conversation, either with your partner, with your ‘crush’ or with your Shag flirt.

1. Would you like me to send you a photo…?

2. I have a couple of things in mind for when I see you again, do you want an advance…?

3. I was thinking about you and a moan escaped me.

4. Nothing is ever too wet.

5. I feel like caressing your skin without stopping.

6. Where are you going to touch me first when we meet?

7. Send me an Instagram bomb picture…

8. Fancy us trying something new? I read something on the internet that ‘pfff’…

9. What is polyamory? Have you ever thought about those things?

10. Just thinking about seeing you turns me on, and the only thing I want is to…

11. What are you wearing?

12. Guess what color my new underwear is?

13. I don’t know if it’s a good idea for you to see this photo…

14. I want to be with you now, can you console me with a photo?

15. I’m on loop with THAT thing you did to me the other night…

We have already given you 15 examples of dirty talk messages to inspire you to come up with your own!

safety sexting

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Sexting: everything you need to know
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