What is the best form of contraception? The secret

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best forms of contraception

You would never have guessed the best form of contraception. Not the pill, not the condom, not withdrawal, nor when she has her period…. The best way not to get a friend with benefits pregnant (if you are a man) or not to get pregnant (if you are a woman) is … (drum roll) …  

It is not what you are thinking. In any case, we are going to leave the seed sown and well watered…. it will flourish later.    

Things to consider when choosing contraception

When we think about things to consider when choosing bith control methods we have to ask ourselves the following questions.  

  • Do I want to have children one day? In how much time? 
  • Do I have any health problems? 
  • How often do I have sex
  • How many sexual partners do I have? 
  • Do I also need to protect myself from HIV infection and other sexually transmitted diseases? 
  • How effective is the method? 
  • Are there any side effects? 
  • Will I be able to use it correctly?  

Are you a man or a woman? Best form of contraception

Obviously, being a man or a woman is not the same when choosing the best form of contraception.

The best form of contraception if you are a man

1. Condoms

The condom is the contraceptive method most used by men and women, since in addition to preventing pregnancy, it protects against sexually transmitted diseases. 

In addition, it does not promote any alteration in the hormone cycles or in the process of production and release of sperm. 

It is completely reversible and comes in all sizes. *  

* When we say that it is reversible, we mean that it is a method that can be reversed, not that you can put the condom on both sides, as if it were the jacket of the prince of Bel Air. 

Best Birth Control

2. Vasectomy

Vasectomy is a male birth control method that consists of cutting the canal that connects the testicle to the penis and conducts the sperm, preventing their release during ejaculation. 

This contraceptive method is usually performed on men who do not want more children and is done quickly in the doctor’s office. 

It is irreversible, so think carefully before doing it.  

3. Contraceptive gel

The contraceptive gel is a non-hormonal option. This gel is applied in the genital area, in the channels that lead the sperm from the testicles to the penis, and acts by blocking their passage for up to 10 years. This procedure takes approximately 15 minutes and is performed under local anesthesia. 

It is possible to reverse the effect of this gel through the application of a solvent, which is not the case with traditional vasectomy. 

This method does not prevent ejaculation, but rather the sperm responsible for a pregnancy. 

Vasalgel does not present contraindications nor does it modify the production of male hormones because it is a barrier method, however, more studies are still necessary. 

4. Contraceptive injection

Recently, an injection called RISUG was developed, composed of substances called polymers, which is applied in the canal through which the sperm pass, under local anesthesia.

This injection blocks ejaculation, preventing the exit of sperm during sexual intercourse. The action of the drug lasts about 10 to 15 years. 

In case the man wants to reverse the action of the injection, other drugs that release sperm can be applied. 

best form of contraception

The best form of birth control if you are a woman

Barrier contraceptive methods are those that prevent the passage of sperm into the uterus. 

1. Female condom. 

This is the female version of the male condom. It consists of a plastic sheath that is placed inside the vagina before penetration occurs. It also protects against STDs. As with the male condom, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to put it on correctly. 

2. Diaphragm. 

The diaphragm is a latex sheath that is placed deep in the vagina, covering the cervix. It prevents sperm from entering the uterine cavity during sexual intercourse. They must be used with spermicides. 

3. Spermicide. 

Spermicides are substances that are applied to the vagina before and after sexual intercourse. Its function is to destroy the sperm to prevent them from reaching the egg. It is an unreliable method as a contraceptive method, the ideal is to combine it with others to make it more effective. 

Hormonal contraceptive methods

1. Birth control pill 

The pill has to be taken every day for 21, 22 or 28 days depending on the type of pill. For the effectiveness in contraception to be as desired (99%), try not to forget the pill any day. The contraceptive pill is, surely, the best known and one of the most effective hormonal contraceptive method. They are oral and contain hormones (progesterone and estrogens) that are released into the blood to block ovulation and prevent an unwanted pregnancy. 

There are combined pills, they contain both types of hormones, and those that only have progestin, suitable for women who do not tolerate estrogens.

what contraception pill is best for me

2. Vaginal ring

It is a flexible and transparent ring that is easily placed in the vagina. The vaginal ring releases estrogen and progesterone continuously for three weeks. 

After this time it is removed and, after a week of rest, a new one is placed. As it only has to be placed once a month, it improves adherence to treatment because it is more likely not to forget to place it. 

3. Birth control Patch

The transdermal contraceptive patch is a combined hormonal method that releases hormones through the skin. The patch should be pasted on clean, dry, hair-free skin. 

It is kept there for a week and the cycle is repeated three weeks in a row. After this time it is taken off and after a week off a new one is placed. 

3. Progestin injection

Intramuscular progesterone injection is done monthly or quarterly. The goal is to prevent ovulation. 

3. Implant

It is a thin rod that is placed under the skin on the arm. It is a discreet and comfortable method that can be maintained for three years. And it only releases progesterone so it can be used by women who do not tolerate estrogens. 

4. IUD

The intrauterine device is a long-term (five years) birth control method. There are two types, hormonal and copper. Both prevent fertilization with a very high effectiveness. This method must be inserted and removed by a doctor.

What is the best natural family planning method

There are several methods, but we are going to explain how to do the best natural family planning method well, because people do it wrong and it is the cause of many unwanted pregnancies. 

It is the called … 

best form of birth control
Portrait of a funny young girl in hiding behind a menstrual periods calendar and looking away at copy space isolated over pink background. Female Period calendar

Calendar method or Ogino-Knaus method

This is the least reliable of the natural contraceptive methods, even in women with regular menstrual cycles, but the most widely used, due to its simplicity. 

It consists of not having sexual intercourse during the days of ovulation, which is when the woman’s body is at its most fertile stage. 

The fertile period is determined by calculations based on the fact that ovulation occurs only once in each cycle and usually occurs on approximately the 14th day (counting the first day of menstruation as the first day of the cycle). 

Since the ovum and sperm have a limited life of 24-72 hours, sexual union is avoided for a few days before, during and after ovulation, between days 8 and 18 of the cycle. 

How is it used?  

Before applying this method, a detailed record of the duration of the cycles must be kept for at least 12 months (in the calculations, day 1 is the first of the period). 

Then, to calculate the unsafe days, 18 must be subtracted from the number of the shortest cycle, and 11 from the longest. In this way, two figures are obtained, corresponding to the days between which the sexual act is not safe.  

Best form of birth control with the least side effects

The time has come to make the seeds of the beginning of the article flourish. What is the best form of contraception with the least side effects? 

Don’t do it at all. The only way not to get pregnant or not get someone pregnant is not to have sex. It has no side effects, apart from the permanent anger in which you can settle to live in. 

At least until you get used to doing things on your own.

what is the best form of contraception

Or you are one of those who enjoy sex without penetration. What? Sex without penetration? Is that posible?

Of course it is. Read on.

Sex without penetration: discover the dirtiest secrets

There is a general belief that sex is only sex if there is penetration. In fact, if you ask a sex therapist or a doctor specialized in sexual problems about what problems their patients refer to them, the answer is the same in all cases: erection problems, premature ejaculation or inability to have orgasms during penetration.  

The fact is that there is alternative sex.  

There is an excessive coitocentrism centered even more on phallocentrism: everything revolves around penetration. Whenever there is sex, both partners take it for granted that it will be coital.  


Coitocentrism is a social construction according to which the main character of our sexual relations has to be intercourse. That is, penile-vaginal penetration.  

It is clearly a heteronormative construction that leaves out other ways of having sex.

Anything that is not intercourse is, in the eyes of society, something incomplete, even childish.  

This model is associated with other harmful social constructions, such as virginity, which focuses on intercourse in a completely exaggerated way and also creates an identity.  

The virgin person. An entire identity based on a single fact: whether or not there has been penetration.  

There are numerous cultures throughout the planet that see virginity as a virtue and many atrocities have been committed in its name.  

However, there is only one fact that can make penetration something different from other sexual practices: you could get someone pregnant or get pregnant.  

And that’s it.  

In short, I do not want to attack intercourse, but rather make it clear that there are other sexual practices, other options, just as pleasurable.

Ten ways to have sex  without penetration

There are many more, but we leave here the ten most common ways to do it. how to have sex without penetration? Let’s see.  


1. Rubbing, or petting

I don’t know why, in life, stages are burned and we put aside very fun practices. Who hasn’t rubbed their high school sweetheart until the desire was unbearable? For whatever reason -lack of a place, parental presence, etc- there was no way to get laid, but what a good time one had while rubbing.  

Nowadays it’s weird for us to spend hours making out with someone, kissing each other’s neck and so on, without ending up fucking.  

Why? Again -and it will appear more times in this article- one word: phallocentrism  

2. Mutual masturbation

I don’t know if you’ve masturbated looking at your partner while she did the same. If you haven’t, you’re late.  

A strangely beautiful and very very powerful psychological connection is created. You can use porn or just look at each other.  

It’s incredible, never better said.  

3. Massages

What? Consider a massage as a sexual act? Well yes. It can be a sexual act as powerful as the wildest of penetrations.  

Well, I’ve gone a bit too far. What I mean is that a simple massage that starts out relaxing and ends up being erotic can put you a mile a minute.  

4. Oral sex  

A classic. And the classics must be respected. It is not necessary to focus on the genitals, although it is advisable to finish on them if you want to reach and have your partner reach orgasm.  

Tantric sex

5. Tantric sex  

Tantric sex is one of the different ways to have sex, it consists of creating an intense and focused intimacy in the moment. During tantric sex you breathe together, meditate together and live the sensations that come to you. 

These sensations can come from any type of stimulation, be it massages, oral sex or simply breathing together in sync and without touching each other. Tantric sex can strengthen and intensify your sexual, emotional and spiritual bond.  

6. Toys that are not used to penetrate 

Vibrators, rings, handcuffs, whips, lubricants, masturbator eggs… the variety is dizzying and the sex toy industry has experienced unprecedented growth in the last decade. Thanks to technology, a sector that has been stagnant for decades has taken off again. 

And how. You can find the funnest gadgets.

7. Kisses with tongue

Another practice that seems to fall into disuse as age advances. Well no! I refuse! One of the things that can excite a human being the most is eating another human being’s mouth. 

When we kiss, the levels of oxytocin, cortisol, dopamine, etc. increase. In other words, a feeling of pleasant drunkenness invades you. And excitement. A good tongue kiss has created problems – in the form of an erection – in more than one man during a day at the beach.  

Another great way to have sex without intercourse!  

8. Play with breasts and nipples

Another different way to have sex. Some people can reach orgasm with this practice. The breasts and, more specifically, the nipples, are highly erogenous zones. So playing with them can take you to seventh heaven.  

9. Kunyaza or what we call here colloquially, “the skewer”

According to the owner of the Whores of Yore sexual history center, Dr. Kate Lister, Kunyaza, which means “provoking female orgasm” is a common practice in Central Africa and can be alternative sex anywhere in the world.  

“During kunyaza, the man rhythmically and firmly strikes the clitoral glands with the erect penis. As the woman becomes aroused and the vulva begins to swell, the man rubs the penis from the top of the vulva to the bottom, then left to right, then zigzag, always returning to the firm stroke on the clitoris after each cycle.At the end, when the woman is close to orgasm, the man stimulates the entire area of ​​the vulva with longer strokes, but without penetrating,” explains Lister.  


10. BDSM 

There is a belief that bondage and sado-maso are irremediably associated with penetration and it is quite the opposite: it almost never happens

What is exciting is the game of domination that is established between the participants and the activities that cause pain and/or pleasure. This really is alternative sex, right? 

If you have never practiced before, I advise you to start gently.

Advantages of sex without penetration

The main one is that it is the only way for a woman not to get pregnant through sexual intercourse. And there is another, which is that it decreases the risk of contracting an STD. 

Make no mistake: there is sex without intercourse -such as oral sex- that can be vehicles of disease transmission. Simply, if you remove penetration, you remove that variable. 

Another advantage could be the discovery of the whole body – and not just the genitals – as an erotic agent. That is, it is a path to self-knowledge.  

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So it is. As you may have already noticed from the name -which says it all- Shag is a website to have sporadic and friendly relationships between users of the platform. 

Every day hundreds of thousands of men and women who want to have sex without commitment exchange messages with the intention of meeting. 

Joining is completely free, what have you got to lose?

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