Advantages of the spooning sex position

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Spooning sex position

There are 64 sexual positions in the Kama Sutra, one of the most famous books in the history of mankind. One of them is the spoon and it belongs to the club of great postures in bed.  

The reason is simple: it works for straight people, same-sex couples and people who do not identify with any gender.  

Spoons sex position has great advantages when it comes to having sex. Do you want to meet them? Keep reading.

What is spooning?

It is a sexual position according to which the lovers lie on their sides and one of the two penetrates -although it really is not necessary- the person who is facing away. It is a very versatile position because it can be as affectionate or as “slutty” as lovers desire.  

The pose leaves your hands free to caress and your head free to kiss and whisper whatever words you want into her ear, if that’s your thing.  

It is a really comfortable position in which skin-to-skin contact is maximum, which provides an unparalleled feeling of closeness.  

Of course, this position will not allow you to have sex in places other than the bed or just as comfortable. You need horizontality.

¿What advantages does the spoon position have?

Apart from those mentioned above, the spoon posture has multiple advantages. 

1. You don’t need to be fit

Has it ever happened to you that your partner didn’t want to have sex with you? When this happens, it is usually due to some complex or fear of not measuring up. Contrary to what happens with almost all postures, you do not have to support your body or that of the other person, so it is one of the most accessible positions physically speaking.   

But even if you’re fit, it’s perfect for before bed, for example. And it is that a fuck that demands too much of you on a physical level is going to keep you awake, almost certainly.

clitoris stimulation with orange

2. It is perfect for clitoris stimulation

Whenever you are in a position where there is penetration from behind – no matter the hole – it is much easier for you or your partner to access her clitoris, which is another reason why this can be a great position.  

3. You can play with intensity  

Both partners can adjust the intensity of penetration, which means the power dynamic is two-way. This is not the case with other positions, such as doggy style or missionary, where whoever penetrates is in charge, or cowboy, where the person who rides is in charge.  

4. It is a way to reach the internal pleasure zones

If you’re a woman, you’re the small spoon, and the big spoon is a man, you’re in luck: this angle of penetration naturally tilts the pelvis in a way that’s perfect for hitting the inner erogenous zones of the vagina.  

5. There are a lot of variations of the spoon position

Spooning is something everyone should try in bed, if only for the number of variables it offers and how easy it is to move on to other positions from this one.  

Not only does this pose work for all types of couples, but it also lends itself to creativity. Think of all the ways you can move to get to the spoon position. In addition, this position is perfect to go to cowboy or doggy style without much complications, or to grab your partner tightly and roll to the side together.  

By the way, be careful not to be doing the latter on the edge of the bed.  

Falling with someone on top is dangerous. Although the normal thing is that you end up having a laugh.

6. Sex lasts longer  

There are studies that indicate that men -as a general rule- take a little longer to ejaculate when spooning.  

7. It can be vaginal or anal penetration

It works for both heterosexual and homosexual couples and you may or may not have penetration through the anus or vagina.  

It is the large number of combinations and variants that makes it so famous, without a doubt.  

8. Eye contact… or not

Spooning is the best way to choose whether or not you want to make eye contact with your partner. She just has to turn her neck a bit for it to happen, or you can just lean in to see her better.  The interesting thing about this position is that if you don’t want to – for whatever reason – you can avoid eye contact very easily.  

sex toys for spooning

9. Allows the use of toys  

Leaving your hands free, the spoon position allows you to use all kinds of sex toys, from the most traditional to those that make you digisexual. From clitoral stimulators to dildos, going through all kinds of vibrating eggs and male masturbators.  

10. Releases hormones  

As the two breaths are so close, they are synchronized, which forms a kind of connection in lovers, which releases oxytocin. This hormone is thought to be related to sexual pleasure.  

What is known for sure is that it lowers blood pressure by sending the message to the body that it needs to relax.  

Yet another reason to try spooning with your partner!  

11. You can imagine that you are fucking the person you want more easily.  

It’s not shit. There are people who imagine that they are fucking other people while they are doing it with their partner. It is, in fact, a fairly common sexual fantasy. Well, by not seeing her face, doing the sexual position of the spoon will make you change your wife for Scarlett Johansson in a flash.

Hey, I’m not saying it’s right, I’m just saying it can be done.  

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Spooning sex position, everything you need to know
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Spooning sex position, everything you need to know
There are many sexual positions, but few are as well known as the spoon sex position. Find out what its amazing benefits are!
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