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Hooking up in Aberdeen


Hooking up in Aberdeen

Often called the city of granite, vegetation and fishermen wharfs, Aberdeen’s a famous port city and industrial region. And, Aberdeen...

drive woman crazy in bed


How to drive a woman crazy in bed

The most important thing in giving pleasure to a woman is understanding her, at Shag we want to help you to understand this nad learn how...

Hooking up in Preston


Hooking up in Preston

Being a University city, meeting girls and guys and hooking up with in Preston isn’t mission impossible. It’s a fantastic place...

how to recognize a toxic relationship

Tips for couples

How to know if you’re in a toxic relationship

Finding a partner or being in a stable relationship: both are processes full of obstacles, one of the worst of them is how to recognize a...

going out with single mums

Tips for flirting

8 ways to meet single mums

Meet women on Shag is easy. What isn’t so easy is going out with single mums. Learn 8 essential tricks to do it right. According to...

Hooking up in Newcastle


Hooking up in Newcastle Upon Tyne

Hooking up in Newcastle Upon Tyne is a big adventure. It’s a great city that never stops. A city that made history and is creating...